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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What a weekend we had. Roger, my dear hubby, became sick again on Thursday morning and within two hours was admitted into the emergency room. He had an infection and his heart rate was 136 beats a minute and his temperature was just over 103 degrees. He was one sick man! He stayed in the hospital until Sunday afternoon when I was finally able to bring him home with me again! He is feeling better and trying his best to go back to work.

We had paid for a camping weekend with Becca's homeschool "school" for Friday and Saturday night. Roger insisted that I take her to at least part of it even though he was in the hospital. Amidst lots of tears from me (because I didn't want to leave him) it was decided that I would drive up late Friday night and "camp out" in our big "homeschool" van. We had intended to take our camper but I didn't want to try to set it up alone! We arrived at "Prophetstown State Park" near Lafayette, Indiana at about 10 p.m. (Named for a Native American man who lived in that area long ago.) It was VERY cold and windy but she and I were snug in the van! Leaving Roger in the hospital was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but Roger insisted that this weekend was important to Becca and that he "commanded" me to take her.

We did have fun but I sure worried about Roger and I am sure that I drove him crazy calling him every few hours. We spent a lot of time getting to know the other homeschooling families...some of them we got to know a little too much! Some of the dads decided to put on a "rock concert" as they walked out from behind an RV dressed like 80's or 90's rockers...wigs and all! They didn't REALLY sing, just acted like they were the performers while someone's Ipod played. It was REALLY silly. Other campers who weren't part of the 50 or 60 people we were with walked by with curious yet amused expressions on their faces as the dads played the electric guitars (with no strings) and beat on the drums...kind of in beat...sometimes.

I hurried back to my van to get my camera and happened to speak to some of the other campers. I told them that we were a "fairly conservative Christian homeschool group" and that we really knew how to have fun....haha!! They laughed and I thought it was kind of nice to let people know that we are KIND OF normal...for homeschoolers, I guess.

On Saturday, I took Becca to Wolf Park which has 15 wolves, 2 coyotes, and 2 foxes all in a beautiful and large confined area. They were wonderful to see. We went back in the evening to learn more and join in their "howl" night. Becca's favorite topic is wolves so she was really in her element! Two other homeschool families joined us so that made it even more special!

We drove back home late Saturday and I dropped her off with her big sister and I hurried to the hospital and stayed a few hours with my Roger. I think he was happy to see me but was also happy to see the small back of chocolates that I brought to him! I was really happy when he told me on Sunday that I could come and get him!

He went to work today and yesterday but I think he is very tired and needs to rest as soon as he gets home.

I made a cute little dress for our niece Kathy for Christmas today! I have yet to figure out how to make buttonholes but other than that, it is done! I am planning to make her a matching little doll dress to go with it for "Hope", her baby doll. Kathy's sister, Jenny, is 11 and I plan to make her an apron and oven mits to go with a girl's cook book we purchased for her. It reminded me of how much I enjoy sewing and I can't wait to make little dresses if and when we are able to adopt!

Well, I have dished to do and supper to start so I think I should get back to work!
Blessings to you all,

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  1. I'm so glad to know that Roger is out of the hospital, and that you and Becca had a great time on your campout! I'm still praying for him, though. I'm sure he's still recovering even though they let him go home.