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Monday, October 10, 2011

Lovely Autumn Days

Roger and I took a picnic one day last week and the leaves were a beautiful sight to see! They were falling all around the picnic table but it is a little hard to capture with my camera.

Yesterday we had another picnic and then joined son Aaron, his lovely wife, Holly, and their two little boys (Dylan pictured above) and Brody for a walk in the park. Sometimes cellphones should be left in the car....

Roger's birthday cake! He loves chocolate cake with hard caramel icing on top!

This is the view from our bedroom door at our little blue house.

Early morning light streaming through the trees...gorgeous!!

A little gentle stream ran near our picnic site on Friday...Roger's birthday!

The bridge and creek above is in Bloomington, Indiana. It was a nice little picnic spot. We would have loved to have hiked but if we had spent any more time, I would have missed the pumpkin ice cream I just HAD to have in Nashville, Indiana. Have you ever had pumpkin ice cream?? Oh Wow.....yum yum yum!!!

Some of the family decided to cross the little rock path over the creek on our walk on Sunday afternoon. I chose the bridge.....Holly and their dog, Lady, a rescued grey hound, led the pack!

NOW.......tilt your head to the left because I forgot to turn the picture prior to uploading to blogger......

This is my Becca...who is 14 and getting WAY too grown up in her

Momma's opinion. What happened to Baby Becca???
KEEP YOUR HEAD TILTED.......yeah, I did it again......

This is NOT another picture of Becca, this is Jennie, 18 and WAY WAY too grown up!! They do look a lot alike, though. Every day when they are out together, people ask if they are twins!

Here we are with 3/8ths of our kids....not including the one or two God is planning for us in Africa! Beth, Roger, Jennie, Becca and Gideon! We have to send some of these pictures to the government in Africa to let them "have a look" at us for our adoption. Perhaps the government there will say, "NO WAY!!" Haha....

Have a LOVELY fall day...Jennie and Marci, (my oldest daughter, 21) are going out to take Jennie's senior pictures this afternoon and evening. Jennie is the shyest girl ever known so making her get professional pictures done would be worse than pulling teeth. So, big sis is doing it for her! They plan to go to the park that we picnicked at on Sunday. Should be wonderful!




  1. Beth, The photo you have here of Jenni is adorable and would make a great senior pic. Can't wait to see how they top it.

    Your family is so beautiful! Of course the folks in Africa are going to find you most acceptable.

  2. I love fall colors. It's my favorite time of year and how perfect for a picnic.

  3. I meant birthday, not anniversary! :-) Happy birthday, Roger!

    I agree with Becky K. Jennie is just beautiful, and the sideways picture you have here would be a lovely Sr. pic. :-) I hope you post the real ones when they're finished!