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Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Evening Away and Laundry Room Drama...

My husband's birthday is October 7th and we are taking a day to just be alone! I can't wait!

We were planning to go to Bloomington, IN to stay but I wasn't happy with "Priceline's" hotel prices...I'm really cheap!

Anyway, we are going to stay in a lesser known town with less expensive hotel prices!
Roger's very elderly aunt is in a nursing home in this town so we are going to go visit her, Lord willing, first thing in the morning and then it is off to antique shops OR Nashville, Indiana!

I'd love to go to Nashville, Indiana! For those who aren't familiar with Indiana, Nashville is in the lower third of the state and the scenery is gorgeous this time of year with the changing leaves. Hotels and campsites are booked solid. Bed and Breakfasts are booked months or even years in advance for the fall season. It is a little town mostly made up of shops, some handmade items, unique items and antiques. SOOO much fun!
Then there is also Brown County State Park just outside of Nashville. It is Indiana's answer to our lack of mountains. There are gorgeous overlooks in the hills. (Indiana is mostly flat, flat, flat...but southern Indiana is more hilly.) I used to live near there and believe it or not, as much as I loved the hills and the trees, I missed seeing the sunset and the sunrise! They were blocked by hills and trees! I'm a true flatlander. There is nothing as pretty as a sunset over a corn or soybean field. Sort of.

Anyway, Brown County State Park is where Roger first told me he loved me. (Well, he actually told me he loved me months earlier but then he took it back. Yep, he did. To Roger, telling a lady that he loved her meant more than a feeling of love. It meant a commitment. He had just given me a kiss in his laundry room and then he said, "I love you." I assume having a lady working in his laundry room was just more than the man's emotions could handle. Soooo... he kinda took it back and said that he loved kissing me. Hmmm...what's not to love? I haven't let him hear the end of it yet. After all, he shouldn't have been kissing me if he didn't love me, right????? And believe me, I wouldn't have been helping him with his laundry if I hadn't loved HIM already!! All's well now, though, because he has told me that he loves me since then and has NOT taken it back!!!!!!!!!!! Usually I do his laundry....Haha....)

Anyway, we aren't sure what we are going to do yet. But it will be nice to just get away for the night!

By the way, our big house is officially on the market!! Open house is set for this Sunday. I bet all the neighbors show up.


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  1. Oh, Beth, I laughed all the way through this post! You are just so funny! :-)

    I'm also a true flatlander, and I hope you two had the bestest anniversary ever in the hilly country.