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Monday, September 14, 2009

Diet Diet Diet

My dear husband went to the doctor the other day because he just wasn't feeling his best. He knew he had high triglycerides but had no idea that they were that high. Well, now the whole family is on a diet. We could all stand to slim down and now we (well, Roger and I) are motivated.
We kind of got a head start two weeks ago or so and started eating smaller portions. Then we went on our little vacation and ate basically only what I brought to cook. (except for one meal)
I am so happy to say that Roger has already lost 9 pounds and I have lost 8 or 9! WooHoo!!

I know that we will feel much better as we lose weight. We both feel pretty sluggish usually so I am sure that after losing 50 or 60 pounds we will feel much better!

We're trying to cut back on breads (OH I LOVE MY HOMEMADE BREAD!!) and carbs. Good grief, I live on carbs...maybe that's why I'm chubby??? I also love to bake for our family but I am realizing that I am hurting them (and myself) when I'm trying to show them love that way. I need to cut back quite a bit.

We're eating lots more veggies and my hubby is eating more lean meat...I'm not a real fan of meat...

He's having a hard time letting go of his chocolate, though. So am I...and I know where the DingDongs are hidden...I haven't had one yet!! Yesterday it was a real temptation and today as well but I'm so excited about this weight loss that I feel encouraged!

I also want to be super supportive of my husband. It took so many years for me to find him...or I should say, for the Lord to give him to me...I want him to be healthy and not lose him to a heart attack or stroke.

I am confident that I will emotionally feel better as well as I lose weight. I have a very hard time believing that I'm "good enough" for my husband to love me as he tells me over and over that he does. I know that much of that stems from my being chubby...goodness, I'm not just chubby, I'm overweight!

So if anyone has any good recipes to tell me or has any yummy veggies that you know about that are unique, please let me know!
I'll try to keep an update on our weight loss!
Have a blessed day!


  1. Congrats on your success so far! Stick to it!

  2. Way to go! If you're interested, I have a large collection of meatless main dishes here:


    Many of them are vegetable-heavy! Lentil tacos are a favorite around here.