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Thursday, September 24, 2009

God and Our New Toys

I was driving down a beautiful tree lined road yesterday listening to our local Christian radio station. I don't really remember exactly what the preacher was saying but what he said lead me to another thought that had nothing to do with his teachings. (Maybe that's why I can't remember what it was he was speaking about...I just went off on my own little bunny trail by myself. I have been known to do that...a lot!)
So, this thought of mine was this: Sometimes God withholds GOOD things from us, his immature children, because He knows we can't handle them.
Sounds strange, doesn't it, to think that we couldn't handle the good things God could give us.
I have said before that I am much closer to God in times of need...when I FEEL as if I need to trust in Him to provide our daily needs, food, home, vehicle, etc.
Of course, the reality is, even in times of plenty, I STILL need to trust in Him for those things.

I have always been amazed when I read about the Israelites and their kings, when God blessed them and gave them power and wealth, THAT was when they felt as if they didn't need God quite as much. They started turning away from God, trusting in themselves - in their own abilities. I always think, when reading about them, "Don't you remember when God did ...this or that? Remember when He killed your enemies? Remember when He provided manna AFTER taking you out of Egypt? Remember,.....(Hey, BETH, REMEMBER?)"
Remember when He made your sick little ones well again? Remember when He provided the needed money for your house at the last minute? Remember protecting you when you were in an accident? Remember....all those times you DON'T remember?
Maybe God withholds some good things we pray for because He doesn't want us to forget. Maybe...or certainly...He knows our weakness and our tendency to think we don't need Him quite as much as we did...He IS, after all, a jealous God.
Maybe if He gave us the good things we want, the better paying job, the car that doesn't break down, a HOUSEPAYMENT THAT IS MANAGEABLE, we will forget that it was GOD that gave them to us...out of love...to His children that will forget.
He, our heavenly Father, wants to hold us close, loving and protecting us. We are like my precious little granddaughter. I just want to hold her and squeeze her and love on her. She just wiggles away and wants to get down and play with the new toy on the floor.
Maybe we ARE like her. Maybe God knows that we won't want to stay as close if he gives us that new toy we are asking for. Maybe that "new toy" is simply to have an easier time with finances or maybe it is health. Whatever it is, He doesn't want it to rob Himself OR US of the relationship we have with Him when we are trusting in Him for our every need.
I speak out of personal experience. Sometimes I think about how close and dear my relationship with my Savior was at one time. When did that change? I know that He didn't' move away from me.
Sometimes...and this is such a scary thought...I think I would have been better off without that new "toy" that God provided for me...perhaps if things were a little more difficult than they are now...as they were then, I would more often realize my need for Him.
Forgive me Lord for my "spoiled brat" behavior. Thank you for your provision in the past and your continued provision now. Please help me to have a more tender, grateful heart.


  1. Oh honey, you are so speaking to me today... SOme folks cannot understand why the Israelites were so foolish, but I understand completely. They are just like *me.*

    ((hugs)) to you my dear♥

  2. Thank YOU dear friend. I'm glad you were touched. I was, too, so that's why I wrote it! Hope you're fine!

  3. What an excellent post!!!

    Mrs. White

  4. Hi Beth!!!! :):)
    Thanks for the comment.... I LOVE Michelle Duggar too! :)
    This post is SO true! A good reminder for us all!
    Love Candy