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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas time is Coming! Christmas time is coming!

Yep, I'm definitely going to be one of those irritating people who get their Christmas tree and lights up way too early!!

I'm going to annoy my daughters, irritate my neighbors and give my other family members MORE reasons to think that I have gone completely crazy.

When I was a little girl, I always wanted lots and lots of Christmas lights on our house. We rarely had any...sometimes we had a few around some windows.

My husband Roger does it BIG! He lights everything he can light. He even has a big red cross in a tree in our front yard to remind us WHY Jesus was born. (Sometimes you have to look at it at just the right angle to realize it IS a cross....but it's the thought that counts, right?)

I already have LOTS and lots of presents wrapped and stacked in our church pew in the family room. (I used to have teddy bears on that pew but I think they drove Roger crazy so they're now in bags...but they may come out for Christmas!)

Roger, Becca, Gideon and myself went out to lunch Sunday after church. My older girls, Marci and Jennie did their own thing so it was just the four of us. As we waited for our lunch, I wrote down a list of things our family wanted to do at Christmastime. Passing out Christmas cookies and Caroling were at the top of MY list...not so much on the kids' list but since WE'RE the parents, they're gonna have to come along anyway! They also want to see the new Christmas Carol movie and see the "world's largest Christmas Tree" on the circle downtown Indianapolis. I'd LOVE to go for a carriage ride downtown sometime! (But I have a feeling that the cost is prohibitive....)

We talked about some other things that we wanted to do and one of them was to start decorating the house for Christmas early. (Since I work 12 hours on Saturdays, I'm afraid that things won't get done so I plan to start early this year!)

Gideon commented, "As long as you don't start until AFTER Thanksgiving, it's ok with me!"

UMMMMMM........NOOOOOOOO............... That's NOT early.

Hehehe....we're going to get things started pretty soon. I bought some storage boxes to put away a bunch of things so that we could be a little more festive this year. It's not so much fun when you are so crowded that you can't move! Some things just HAVE to go to storage! That's my job for tonight and tomorrow and maybe on Thursday we can start putting out our Christmas things!

The way I figure it, the Christmas season is so short that we might as well start doing it now and enjoying it as much as we can! I hope that we can get some of our baking and carolling done earlier in December. Last year it was hard to catch some of our favorite people at home as Christmas approached! Besides that, if we start early with our visits, it may spur other people into the Christmas spirit. I do think, however, we should let the Thanksgiving turkey digest a little bit......

Soooo.....if you're driving in Central Indiana, at the edge of a small town and you see this ridiculously decorated house well BEFORE Christmas, that's US! Come in and I'll treat you to some homemade pumpkin bread, Christmas cookies and some HOT CHOCOLATE!


  1. Don't worry Beth - my tree is already up and decorated and has been for over a week! We don't do the lights thing - our house cannot be seen from the road and the trees are too tall to string lights from! I just want everything to be ready before our baby arrives - my due date has been revised to the 20th - go 5 days over and guess what that means! I also wanted to take photos as I decorated to put up on my Christmas blog. People are thinking about Christmas - I can tell from the google searches they are doing which brings them to my blog! I've made the crackers, wreaths and bought some gifts - I do wait until December to wrap them though! Of course we do not have Thanksgiving to prepare for. Our weather is hot, so I guess I would have to offer a glass of a cool berry punch to my visitors - the hot chocolate sounds good though!