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Friday, November 6, 2009

Serves Me Right!

This is just kind of a "funny" that I have to tell you before I fall into bed. I have to be at work in about 7 hours...all bright eyed...zzzzzzz....
Well, my dear hubby called me today and asked, "Did you want to go to that THING tonight?"
I kind of moaned because today is the first day of my 12 hour work days this weekend.
"Uhhh...what "thing" is that?" I asked.
He reminded me that each year we ALWAYS go to a "shopping night" at a local "high end" mall that benefits the non profit organization he works for. We rarely ever really BUY anything...we walk around window shopping and sampling the free restaurant items set out for this special night.
"Oh, yes, I do!" I replied...because I do enjoy our special night out together. "But if I had remembered, I would have worn something better!"
He assured me that I would be just fine in what I was wearing.

Now...I don't dress up when I go to work because MOST of the work I do is NASTY work...giving special needs adults showers, cleaning beds, doing laundry, etc... so today was no different.
I had one of my favorite loose fitting split skirts but had a pretty blue sweater with it. THEN I noticed that I had spilled my mocha hot chocolate all down the front of it.
So by the time I had put in my 12 hours, I was messy, my hair was straight...(My hubby likes it when I curl it...) I didn't have any hose on...and I had on old lady "comfy" shoes.
I pulled up to the ultra expensive mall trying my best to look somewhat better than I did when I left. I remembered that I had an extra shirt in the car that must look better than my stained sweater so I managed a covert operation in changing shirts in the car. I won't get into any details but I was able to do it modestly without exposing anything NO ONE would want to see....!!!
I was thinking as I was just about to walk into Saks Fifth Avenue..."IF I had known that I was going to go shopping HERE tonight, I would have been carrying my -----"brand name"---purse.
NOW THAT'S PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!! WRONG, SINFUL PRIDE!!! I do love my little purse but mostly because my son and daughter in law bought it for me as a birthday present AND there is no way that I could EVER afford it myself!! (They got a "deal" I was told...)
So,....anyway, ....I was trying to figure out a way I could have made myself look like I BELONGED there...walking into SAKS FIFTH AVENUE....when........

I noticed a "Goodwill" price tag sticking out of the "new" shirt I had changed into...

Hehehehe....I think sometimes my Heavenly Father has a sense of humor....

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