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Monday, November 2, 2009

MORE cookies and processing pumpkins!

I'm STILL working on cookies for my husband's job. I'm beginning to become grouchy. Actually, that's not the truth, I passed grouchy yesterday. I'm out of most of the ingredients so happily, I can't make any more until he brings more groceries home.
SOOO, instead, I am cooking pumpkins! I had planned to can pumpkins but according to what I have just read on the Internet regarding canning pumpkins, I am kind of afraid to can them! I understand that it is impossible at home to heat the pumpkin up to a temperature hot enough to kill botulism. So I guess I will just freeze them. My mother has canned pumpkins for years and years and hasn't killed anyone yet but leave it to me...I will make someone sick somehow!
I have lots and lots and lots of pumpkins. Our church was giving them away last week and I waited until everyone had what they wanted and then I got some more for us. Many of them are just the regular "jack-o-lantern" type but I am going to use them anyway. I hate to see them just go to waste. I can use them to make cookies, bread, muffins AND stir into regular mashed potatoes! The good little "pie" pumpkins I will save just for that...PIES! My daughters (16 and 12) have been pestering me to make pumpkin pies so that is on the agenda for this week!


  1. Oh! You make me hungry. I have never tried using a real pumpkin for a pie. I just buy it in a can and open it up. I am sure the fresh is much better. Boy, you are always one busy lady. That is a lot of cookies to bake.
    We are doing well. My husband has a sinus cold but he is better. We are hoping to miss the flu.
    Thanks for signing up for my give away.

  2. Oh goodness, I hope you are both going to miss the flu! I think my kids have been suffering from just the regular flu and not H1N1. Hope he feels better soon!

  3. Glad you ran out of ingredients! A break always helps me chase the grouchy away, too.