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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's getting exciting around here!!

Well, we did it! We stepped out on faith and made an offer on the little piece of heaven north of where we live now. Kinda scary but I think it is the right thing to do. We will have to accept it if it doesn't work out. We both have prayed that if this is NOT God's will, then don't let it happen.

It kind of scares me sometimes when we try to figure out what is God's will for our lives. I don't want to "feel good" about something just because "Beth wants it..." I want it if GOD wants it.
I think that we have good motives in purchasing this little bit of ground. I don't feel like there is a reason that God is showing us NOT to buy it. (except that it is going to be pretty tight financially for a while....but, Been there, Done that!!) There is NOTHING vain about our desires. In fact, MOST people would think "WHY in the world would you want to move from THIS house to that little piece of land out there?" What we have in mind will be fairly modest but sufficient to house our family.

I want to be ABLE to give to missions if the Lord prompts us to do so. I want to be ABLE to meet a need that a family member might have or be able to fill someone's car up with gas if they are in need. We just don't feel like we can do that now.

Trying to pay for this small piece of land while we still have our kind of large house payment is going to be trying for us. We went out for Valentine's day last night (with a coupon AND we drank WATER...) and I imagine that will be our last nice restaurant we eat in for quite a while! That's ok with me...it's not the restaurant we go to, it's WHO I get to spend the time with that matters! (Ummm....my dear hubby....)

We offered a little less than I am comfortable in offering for the property. I am NOT a good real estate investor...at all... so I have to trust Roger's discretion. Oh dear, that trust thing again...
I am praying that they accept this offer or counter offer it within Roger's comfort level.

We have a meeting the first week of March to find out if the little cottage that we found that is slated to be torn down is something that we can get and move. It is sooo adorable! Roger, who is a big fan of old homes, has it figured out that it is a "Sears 1929" kit home!!! It is identical to the picture we found on the Internet and we have a sneak peak of what the inside would have looked like 80 years ago! He is excited about the idea of refurbishing that little home and I am too! I'm very excited about making it "OUR" home...not HIS home or MY home. Blended families can be tough...........
WOW, am I putting the cart before the horse or WHAT?????? Good Grief!
But one of these days, IF IT WORKS OUT, I want to be able to write about God's supernatural provision for our family. WHAT am I saying????? HE always supernaturally provides for His children, doesn't He?? It's just that sometimes it isn't as obvious as this is IF IT IS HIS WILL...

Oh my goodness, I'm getting nervous.

I think I have to go watch my favorite show, 19 Kids and Counting!! (A friend at church let me borrow her book about the Duggars and I have already almost finished it...I got it on Sunday!! REALLY A GOOD BOOK!!! I'm a FAN! Can you tell???)

Blessings to you all, dear friends!

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  1. Oh, I laughed all the way through this post, because I can see how nervous and excited you are! You're so real, and I love that!

    We haven't heard ANYTHING about our house. Our realtor says the system has been dead silent ever since our offer was received. Also, she heard a rumor that ANOTHER offer has been placed.

    Why oh WHY is waiting patiently SO HARD?