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Thursday, February 18, 2010

STILL waiting and Info on School Teaching Sub.

Well, we're still waiting on word about the little piece of ground we put an offer on. I am NOW beginning to worry although I know that worrying is something that I have been commanded by God not to do. I also asked my husband prior to our offer to pray that IF this isn't something that GOD wants us to have, then let it not happen. BUT OH DO I WANT IT TO HAPPEN!!

Today as I was walking out to get our mail, my retired policeman neighbor called over to me. He is the one that I left the information with regarding the substitute teacher that had been in trouble with the police because of his involvement with teenage girls and cheerleader pictures.
He has now been fired from our school.
Part of me feels bad for him but MOST of me doesn't. I keep thinking, "What if he has changed?"
However, if someone knows he or she has a problem with a certain temptation, you should stay away from it. I know that he has not been honest with the school system regarding his past.
I don't want other girls to have to be the victim of his .....well, whatever.

Becca has trumpet lessons in a little bit and we are going to have an Ethiopian meal for supper tonight. Roger and I took Jennie out to eat last year for her birthday to an Ethiopian restaurant on the west side of Indianapolis and we are going to try to duplicate part of that meal. I recently purchased a youth book about missions and this recipe is in it. This book features kids in other countries that have accepted Jesus as their Savior. It then has recipes from each country featured.
We are going to use it from time to time for our family devotions. We need to "spice" up our devotion time because I think we have been going at it too "hard core." We have been dissecting each verse and I think we are losing the kids' interest. I'm not sure what the answer it but we don't want to have our devotion time to be something that they dread.
I think that having Jennie and Becca make the recipe from that country and then learn about the young people in that country will be something that they will enjoy doing as part of their homeschool as well.

Speaking of homeschooling, I think that my older daughter Jennie will go back to public school next year...with me kicking and screaming. I don't like the idea at ALL but we have a "plan."
She can get a Certified Nurses Aid credential through the school. Half the day she will go to a different "career" school and then back for her required courses at the local school. After graduation, she can work for the same hospital that I work for ...part time...and THEY will pay for her nursing degree! Eventually, she wants to be a missionary nurse and hopefully she will be able to go to the mission field (Africa is the target area for now...) debt free.
Anyway, that's our plan... I still want her to stay at home but there is NO way that I could offer her this opportunity.
Have a lovely day!!

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  1. 1. Waiting with you.
    2. I wondered what the sub outcome would be. Sounds like a good decision.
    3. Hm, I've never had an Ethiopian meal. Sounds like a fun idea for devotions.
    4. Jennie can use her new school for mission field practice!