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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beth's Blessing and GO COLTS!!!!

Since we have started really trying to cut back on our expenses, I have had to change the way I think about things. I have to decide not to spend my money on things I want but are not necessary. Our house is over crowded and I have really been convicted about spending on unnecessary things.

However, I really have been wanting Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's book, "20 And Counting."
Roger even asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day and I had a fleeting moment of thinking about asking him for that book. However, I said that I would just like a flower, no vase because we have many already!

So today we had a dinner at church and I said something about possibly turning off our satellite connection so that we could conserve on our money. I said that I will miss my favorite show ( the Duggar show, almost the only tv show I watch...) and a friend of mine said, "Hey, would you like to read their book??" Of course I jumped at the chance!
That is so exciting to have someone offer it to lend it to me right after I had decided NOT to ask Roger for it! (She also offered me some baby finches...we'll see if my dear hubby agrees to that...Do you think that I can tell him they're from God??? Would that work?)
Anyway, I just thought I'd share the blessing!
Have a lovely day....
Oh, by the way,.....GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I really love it when the Lord does things like that♥

    and who are these colts of whom you speak? and where do you want them to go??


  2. Dear Persuaded...
    HAHA!! I am even as I type, wearing a COLTS Jersey!!!! I refuse to wear Tshirts or Sweatshirts...but here I am, wearing a COLTS Jersey!!! (I even wore it to the dinner at church, along with probably close to half of the congregation! Our pastor wore his STEELERS tie!!)

    I love it that God knows the desires of our hearts and it pleases Him to give them to us when our hearts are where they are supposed to be!! I can't wait to start reading that book!

    I wonder how pleased God would be to give us a COLTS victory?? Kind of concerned, though, the other team IS called the SAINTS!!

  3. I have the Duggar's book and you will enjoy it Beth! I loved reading about how God blessed them with everything they needed for their new home with no debt incurred - especially their commercial kitchen!

  4. Beth.. I am so sorry I didn't get your email! As far as the Bob Jones curriculum, it would be a Godsend. Truly. I have been fretting about what I was going to do for curriculum next year for Noah, as I am not going to be able to afford too much and the kids' father has said that he won't be giving me any funds this year for school things. Is there anything I can do for you in return? Let me know... you know you and I should chat on the phone sometime♥
    many blessings and Go COLTS!


  5. Oh, Beth! The Duggers is my favorite show. I have really been in prayer for the latest baby. They have such a beautiful, talented, nice, Christian family. This baby will be loved and cared for no matter what, but I pray that she will be fine.
    I know what you mean, I have to ask myself when I might go to buy something--is this a want or a need. I use to buy a lot of books but now, I use the local library and I go on line and request a book and they bring it to me. I try not to abuse this wonderful service.
    Love ya!