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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blessed to be a Blessing!!

Being used by God is just the coolest thing ever!!
While we were on our trip, my daughter, Jennie stayed at home. We talked to each other on the phone and at one point, she relayed a message that Amos, a facebook friend in Kenya is requesting prayer that his finances get better. He wasn't sure if he could pay his rent this month. This young man is an orphan and is now a college student studying law. He is a Christian and very devout.

We have become good friends although we have never met...just through instant messaging, facebook and emails.

The Lord laid it on my heart that I was to send him some money and I obeyed God's voice first thing this morning via Western Union. This is NOT a large amount of money. The exchange rate in Kenya is incredible. We can send what it might take to feed our family at a fast food restaurant and it can make a big impact to someone like Amos in Kenya.

I am absolutely NOT bragging or trying to get glory for this. Please believe that! It's just that so often I AM ON THE BLESSING END OF THINGS...someone doing something for me and I am sooo PLEASED THAT GOD CAN USE ME THIS TIME TO BLESS THIS YOUNG MAN!!

We were able to refinance our home, consolidate some bills and we had just a little bit extra this month in my checking account so that was the only way we could squeeze some extra out of our budget to do this. I am so humbled to have God use me. I so often feel worthless to His work and this is just so exciting for us!
On our friend's facebook he wrote "God makes a way where there seems to be no way."
He also wrote "Glory to God."

Wow...God caused us to "be the way." That is just so awesome. I have been tearing up all day!

It struck me last evening when I read that, that GOD used me. It's incredible that He used ME!
I know that I have prayed so many times for my family, my friends, my church, my country...and expected Him to answer and provide but this is such an amazing feeling to have GOD answer someone else's prayer through ME! It isn't a prideful statement that I am making, it is a humbling and somewhat scary one!

It is kind of scary to think that God who created us all, who created the world, who holds us in His hands, who GAVE HIS SON, planned to use ME. He knows me......!!!!!!! That has really hit home to me.

I wonder how many times HE planned to use me and I didn't listen? That's even more scary.

I know, this is a rather weird post and I hope that anyone who reads it is not thinking that I want praise for it. Instead, I feel very humbled and amazed that God chose us to help this dear young man. He could have used someone else...God doesn't NEED our money...it all belongs to Him anyway.
I think also that God chose this time to ask us to help Amos. We have just gone through a rough time financially until we were able to refinance our home. We are now readying it to put it on the market but since we have no idea how long it might take to sell this kind of a house, (kind of a big house when people are downsizing like we intend to do....) we were able to refinance for only $250! If we weren't able to refinance, we would not have been able to help this young man even for the small amount of money that we were able to send him.

God knows all things. I was wondering why in the world it took us so long to refinance our house! I have worked in several banks and am familiar with mortgages and it just seemed like it took forever to get our refinance done. Now that it IS done, we don't have to make a house payment this month. We were blessed to be able to take the short trip to Florida and now we have been blessed to be a blessing to Amos.
I'm not sure that we would have had the finances available to do either of these things if we had to make a house payment this month! Glory to God in His wisdom and timing!

So, there's my little shout out to God!
Have a lovely day!


  1. It is a very good feeling to do things we know we are called to do. I am happy that this friend has been helped. It is good that your refinance worked out so well.

    Becky K.

  2. GOD is Good...all the time...but especially when he uses us to bless someone else!

  3. Hooray! I'm so glad God used you like that! He is wonderful, huh? :-)