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Friday, May 28, 2010

Eccentric???? ME????

Well, last night, I had planned to watch a documentary film about one of my favorite children's illustrator/authors, Tasha Tudor. (She passed away a few years ago but basically lived in today's time but as if she lived in 1830. She dressed the part and prepared her food that way as well.)

Anyway, Roger asked me what it was about and I explained it to him.
Then HE said, "She was a bit eccentric, huh?"
I started immediately TEASING him and acted as if I was offended, speaking of the very talented old lady in such a way.
He tried to backtrack, telling me that he wasn't being CRITICAL or anything...
"In fact, " he continued, " YOU are a bit eccentric yourself!"

Somehow, he got the impression that he said the wrong thing.
Imagine that.

I'm not sure that any woman really wants to be known as "eccentric." DO WE?? I have ALL kinds of mental images that come to my mind AND I only have two cats!

I immediately went to the computer and printed out the definition of "eccentric."

It means, "A person who has an unusual, peculiar or odd personality, set of beliefs, or behavior patterns. Something that is unusual, peculiar or odd."

I handed him the printout of the definition and he stood there reading it.
"So, which definition do you want to choose?" I smirked at him.

"Well," he started, grinning sheepishly, "I wouldn't use the word 'odd'."

Of course he went on to say that my unusualness was what drew him to me and that he LIKED that aspect of my obviously rather peculiar personality.
"What makes me....eccentric?" I further quizzed the poor guy.

"Well, anyone who likes the Goodwill Store as much as you do HAS to be ECCENTRIC," he finally concluded.

Yep. That must be true.


  1. Very funny....Don't you just love those conversations that start out testy and end up quirky and memory makers?

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Beth... it's so funny that you should post this today. I was thinking this morning that I probably appear a bit eccentric myself, with my headcover and vintage-y styled dresses. I love my dresses and I love covering, but truthfully it makes me a little sad to think of seeming odd, yanno? For most of my life dressing well has been almost a passion for me... I love clothes! I still loves clothes, lol. In fact I love my vintage-y styles so much that it's worth it to me to seem a bit odd, I guess;-)

    Have a wonderful Saturday♥

  3. You had me laughing out loud with this one! :-) I'm catching up on my blog reading, but I only have time for this post tonight. Jeremy's waiting for me in bed. Hopefully he won't pull out the eccentric "compliment." HAHA