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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just Another Day at Our House!

Little Seraphina and old doggy, Precious, are pretty good buddies. Of course, Precious would REALLY rather just be left alone if you don't have a snack or a good tummy rub for her, but she puts up with an awful lot. She likes calmness, however, and sometimes I feel very sorry for her that she lives in THIS house. In fact, she usually accompanies me in the computer room when I am on the computer, but since little Brody is in here with me and making his 'baby noises', she decided that she needed to make a hasty retreat to some other quiet part of the house....
This guy just keeps hanging around! I bought a lot of these at Salvation Army for Dylan and one morning, I found this fella trying to climb our kitchen cabinets! He must know where we keep our secret "stash" of goodies! (Actually, I think Ben-Marci's wonderful boyfriend-has had a hand in helping this guy hang out!) By the way, Ben is travelling to Poland for a college trip tomorrow where he will be doing some teaching. We will miss him while he is away but he will be in our thoughts and prayers! Especially Marci's!!

We had "Breakfast for Supper" last night!! It was also "eat cheap" night and "use up what we have in the freezer" night! I save all bread and rolls that we don't use up before they start getting nasty and I break it up to line the baking dish with them! Then I add sausage, onion flakes, seasonings, and shredded cheese. Lastly, I pour in beaten eggs. I don't have an exact recipe, sometimes I use whatever we have on hand! (bacon, ham, sausage, etc...and even a few veggies if they are going to be thrown out soon!)

This is the "before" picture!!

Oh, and this is the "way before" picture! I included these so that you could see what great deals I got on them! I bought them on the last day that they could be sold and then froze them immediately! The rolls in the background of the picture were from a bakery that my daughter in love works for. I think she brought them to us for Thanksgiving or Christmas and we couldn't use them all! Of course, I froze them and they worked just fine for the bread layer! This was a very economical meal...It was probably less than $5 and I used a huge huge pan-probably a 10X13?? We had more than enough for supper, for breakfast for some of us this morning and still enough left over for a lunch or another breakfast! If it had been in the middle of the summer, I would have sliced lots of home grown tomatoes to go along with the meal...and it would have been healthier. Usually I would have served fruit or something else but we were really in a hurry last night so it was somewhat less healthy than usual! (but still really cheap!)
This can also be make the night before and baked the next morning for a family breakfast.
However, it may take longer than you expect to get the egg soaked bread to fully cook! Just plan accordingly!
It's getting pretty late, and it's church night tonight....and I have NO idea what to make for supper! I guess I should go dig in the freezer! Usually I am not so unorganized and have supper planned and well on it's way by now!
Have a lovely day! Blessings to you all!

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