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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day and BAD CAT!!

This is ACTUALLY Thursday morning but since I downloaded the pictures yesterday, the date is wrong!
I had a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday. Not because I received LOTS of wonderful gifts (and I did!) but because I was able to spend the day with our wonderful kids. Roger's son, Caleb was not home since he is in the Air Force in California, but everyone else, all 14 of them were! (Ok, I didn't give birth to ALL 14, some of them are precious step children, in law children, grand children, and one very nice boyfriend!) (Goodness, OF COURSE I meant my DAUGHTER'S boyfriend, not MINE!! Roger won't allow that!! hehehe!!! JUST TEASING FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!!) Most of them came to our church, some of them went to another church and three of them went to TWO churches! (They didn't want to miss out on their own church service so they "beat feet" to get to our church on time!! That was a big surprise to me! I so much appreciated it!!)

I was somewhat embarrassed by the gifts but I love them all and it was pretty obvious that they thought about what they wanted to buy me! Dylan made me a wonderful card...Are you aware that I'm "the best?" Of course, from what his mommy told me, "You're the best" is what he writes on ALL his kindergarten notes! Yeah, whatever, he STILL thinks I'm the BEST! Right??

Bad bad bad cat. Today I took the laundry out of the dryer and put it on the couch in our living room so that I could run upstairs and get some hangers. Harmony was sleeping happily on a nice soft afghan on the corner of the couch. When I got back downstairs, she had positioned herself in the middle of my clean clothes. Much to her dismay, I made her move and I put our clothes on hangers. Before I could get them upstairs, I had to run a quick errand. This is what I found when I got back...sleeping on my favorite sweater! She's still there....Bad cat.

Well, we are of to go GARAGE SALING! Jennie wants to find some more clothes for Kenya. She is mailing them to a man there who intends to pass them out to naked and needy little ones!
I'll let you know how her project is progressing!


  1. So good to hear about your lovely Mother's Day. You are surely much appreciated!

    Kitties...I think that is why God made them to be so cute. Oh, and I should have thought about that when we first saw Bandit...because it works for bad puppies too.

    Becky K.

  2. That's not a bad cat.. that's an adorable little muffin♥

    And oh, I found this wonderful charity that makes up "baby kits" to send to impoverished areas. Of course the name escapes me at the moment *blush* I'll probably post about it soon... it was really nifty. I immediately thought of your daughter when I read about it♥