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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Introducing Little Mr. Liam Daniel

So.....here he is!! The MUCH awaited Liam! In this picture, he is only about 1/2 hour old or so...possible one hour. Isn't he gorgeous??
We haven't seen him since early yesterday morning so we are planning to make a trip over there soon and get my grammy time with him! I have YET to hold him!
Yesterday, when we got home, we spent the day holding Liam's 5 month old cousin Brody and playing with cousin Dylan! I rested a little while until Roger got home from work and he had a very difficult time waking me up! We were planning to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and I wanted to be a LITTLE bit rested for our big date. I finally woke up to the phone ringing next to my bed and then I decided that it was well past time that I should be getting ready! We went out for a late supper at an Italian restaurant in Carmel, Indiana. (That's CARmel, not carMEL as in California. It's pretty funny when out of staters move in and try to call it the other pronunciation. Good grief, this is Hoosier country...not California!!)
Anyway, we had a wonderful time together as we usually do!
Earlier this morning Roger and I went to the middle school where Gideon attends and watched him get an award for a school planner he designed. It was chosen to be the planner cover for next year!! Pretty cool!
Caleb, Roger's older son, surprised Gideon by showing up at his school. Caleb is on a short leave from the Air Force. He is stationed in California.
Today is being spent getting ready to go on a big camping trip in Southern Indiana, near Bloomington. We are having a family reunion with Roger's family on Sunday and a large amount of us will be camping there. What fun that will be! I have made three pans of brownies, one cake, sausage and gravy and have a ham ready to heat and slice. We will still have a LOT to get done today and tomorrow morning but we are PRIORITIZING this morning! We are getting ready to go see baby Liam NOW!! More pictures later!!


  1. Liam is a cutie!
    Have a great time this weekend.

    Nothing boring at your place is there?

    Glad you got to enjoy a great anniversary dinner after all.

    Becky K.

  2. Hooray for Babies! Hooray for Surprises! Hooray for Dates! And Hooray for Camping! I love them all!