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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wonderful "Date" with my Dear Friend!

I am NOT a "run around with the girlfriends" kind of a lady. In fact, I don't remember a time that I have had "an evening out" since Roger and I married three years ago. I don't even think I did that before we got married. I spend my time with my best friend/husband and our kiddos. I might take my dog for a walk or visit the library or Goodwill alone but I don't usually "socialize" with a group of ladies. (Not that there's anything wrong with doing that, I just don't. Usually.)

Last night I met my friend Lisa whom I haven't seen for years and years. She called me up out of the blue and when my husband told me who was on the phone, I practically flew to the phone.
We made a date for last night, just the two of us, at a local restaurant.

WE HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We met at 7p.m. and I think we closed the place down. We laughed and laughed and laughed and talked seriously a time or two as well. What have I been missing in not seeing this dear lady in all these years??

About half way through our night, I noticed that my throat was beginning to ache a little bit and I wondered if I were getting sick. NO, I was just talking and talking and talking and my throat was getting tired!!

The sky was beginning to get dark and I thought that it must be about 8ish and then I realized that Indiana is now on Daylight Savings Time (something that most of us are still trying to get used to! Prior to our governor's terms of office, we didn't change our clocks when everyone else did.) So instead of it being about 8, it was about 9 and then 10 and finally at about 10:30, we decided to go home! (of course, the "getting ready to go home" part takes a while, too...)

However, not before Lisa decided to play a trick on my poor dear hubby...whom she has yet to meet, by the way.

So Lisa decided to call Roger on his cellphone and tell him that she had a problem! She told him that his wife had been drinking! ( something stronger than the raspberry iced tea that I am crazy about!!!! I DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL AT ALL!!!!! KEEP THAT IN MIND!!!) She went on to fib to him and tell him that she was afraid to let me drive and that she needed direction how to get me home! (All this time, I am trying not to burst out laughing!! I can't even take cough syrup without it knocking me out for hours and hours!!)

Roger answers back, without hesitation, "Oh.....That's ok. I'm used to it. She does this all the time. I'll come and pick her up...." He went on to mention some kinds of drinks I SUPPOSEDLY like! I didn't even know HE knew what drinks were called! He then asked if I was up on the countertop of the bar yet!! MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in my long denim skirt and all.....) Youth pastors aren't supposed to have such an imagination, are they?????!!!!

Good Grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I have room in my life for TWO CRAZY PEOPLE??????

I don't know why it struck me as so funny...probably because Lisa had never even met Roger and Roger just went along with it!! EMBELLISHING IT EVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (of course knowing that I would never do such a thing....)

When I got home, my two 13 year olds met me at the door (they should have been in bed hours before that!!) and just seemed puzzled that I would even think of being gone for so many hours! What was wrong with their mother?? Gideon asked Roger why I would be gone for almost 4 hours!!??? The horror of it all!!
Roger just said that I was having a good time with an old friend and Gideon said again, "For FOUR HOURS??"
Oh well, just wait 'til he grows up and gets married. Ladies can find enough to talk and laugh about for many more hours than THAT!

I told my mother this morning about Lisa's little joke and I'm not quite sure what she thought of it. I think that if it could have possibly been true and if Roger weren't certain that I wouldn't do that, it wouldn't be so hilarious to us. I know that we are supposed to "flee from the appearance of evil" and be blameless but I think there is some room for a joke or two among friends. Even friends who haven't met yet!

Have a lovely day...I have lots to do in cleaning this house! (especially since I had the night "off" last night!! SLACKER!)


  1. Laughter is so good for us. I am glad you had a wonderful time...and that Roger knows you so well!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so funny about Lisa's "joke"... and that Roger just went right along with it makes it about 20 times more hilarious.
    "Oh.....That's ok. I'm used to it. She does this all the time." har har har.... I'll be smiling about that all evening:-D

  3. It WAS funny and a perfectly delightful evening! I didn't think I could have so much fun without Roger or one of my kids!

  4. Beth,
    Relish the time with your friend. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Would you please remember by long-time internet friend. She found out yesterday that you has cancer of the uterus. She is having a scan today to see if it has spread. We have been friends since 1997.

  5. You DEFINITELY have room in your life for two crazy people, and I have to say, Roger's answer made me laugh out loud. I'm still smiling as I type this! I hope you and Lisa can have a GNO (Girls' Night Out) several times a year now. Do you live near each other?

  6. Hi ladies! Marie...I will certainly keep your friend in my prayers!!
    Missy...We live pretty close! I live north of the big city and she lives west of the big city! We will HAVE to see each other more often! We had such a good time!