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Monday, June 28, 2010

Perfectly Wonderful Sunday!!

Yesterday was a delightful day because I spent MOST of it in the exclusive company of my best friend/husband! We went to church yesterday morning (albeit 20 minutes late for Sunday School...) and had a very good church service. We came home and ate leftovers which were surprisingly VERY GOOD!
I started to take a little nap because I had had such a long hard weekend thus far at work and then the phone rang. My brother in law was planning to show us some houses for sale (he's a realtor) and he needed to do that earlier than planned. He also told us that the house we were REALLY interested in just received an accepted offer.

Hey, this doesn't sound like such a wonderful day yet, does it??? It gets better...

We looked at a few other houses. One of them was the "perfectly HORRIBLE house". It IS PERFECTLY HORRIBLE. Incredibly so!! In fact, I think it should be condemned. I honestly can't believe that there are people living in it. I made a hasty exit because of the mold and basically, I was scared to go into the house too far. The floors were soggy and the walls and ceiling were falling down. I did get a good enough look around and realized that there is no place in the home to fix a meal nor were there appliances. There is an upstairs "apartment" which consisted of a mattress on the floor (that my husband climbed over!! YUCK!!!!!!) and an enormous bottle of VODKA in the corner. The vodka must be why people could live in it!! After the visit, I kind of felt like I needed a drink myself! (And I don't drink alcohol at all so we settled for a diet coke at the Village Pantry!!)

The yard is wonderful and there are trees and a cute little old fashioned garage in the back.

GET THIS, THE PRICE HAS BEEN REDUCED TO $10,000!!!! What a bargain...I say this kind of seriously and kind of sarcastically. We are actually considering buying it, tearing down the house, and building something else on the site. (After trying to remove some old woodwork and a little claw foot tub...maybe the tub, it kind of "grosses me out..." to think about it much. I guess it could be Cloroxed!!)

So after that "experience", we went to some other houses, all of which were either atrocious or way way way too tiny.
We drove past an old brick house in the country that no longer had a roof, floor or walls standing in the house. Roger loved it....I loved it less...

Then we went to the town I lived in prior to our marriage and visited an adorable farmhouse on almost 5 acres. It has been partially renovated-it looks like the difficult part has been done. However, it still does not have a furnace or air conditioner or appliances and it is at the very top of our budget. The rooms are pretty small downstairs, not too small for the average family, but for our huge family, it might not work.
As we were standing on the front porch, it began to rain. Not just RAIN, it was a torrent! We ran for the car and then we drove to a little Mexican restaurant and had supper out.
We usually go to church on Sunday nights but we really felt like we needed to try to carve out some time for our marriage. It had been so long since we were able to go on a date, I kind of feel like God understood about our missing Sunday night church. (This time...)

Then we finally made it home, through MORE rain and settled down to watch Masterpiece Theatre, another Miss Marple episode. I promptly fell asleep......

Oh good grief, we must be getting old. That may not seem like a wonderful day to MOST people but just spending time driving around the countryside with my husband, laughing and joking and just acting silly, is the most wonderful date in the world!


  1. Driving around and planning your future together. That is so very important to a marriage of one week or fifty years. Looking to a common goal. I understand!!!!
    Good for you!

  2. Yeah, those are the kind of dates that Jeremy and I enjoy so much. I completely understand. YAY FOR ROMANCE!