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Sunday, November 27, 2011

One Last Word About the Two Little Ones...

Today the family that was chosen to adopt the little ones are meeting with the "parents" and the two children. The kids don't realize that anything is going on with them but if the meeting goes well, the process for them to be adopted by the new family will start.

I have been thinking about the incredible joy that must be in the new Mommy's heart at the prospect of having these two beautiful children. I know that they brought me joy when I thought that it would be us adopting them.

I don't understand how God works...but that's ok. His ways are not our ways.

Today in Sunday School, amidst my tears when I shared with our class that we would not be getting the children, our teacher, Dennis, said to me, "You know, God knew all along who was going to get these children. But He knew that these children needed prayer...and I bet you prayed for them, didn't you?"

Of course, I did. I prayed so often, almost continually about them. I talked to so many people and asked for their prayers for them.

I don't understand prayer...I never have. I don't understand that an omnipotent, omniscient God would want us to pray but He does. And I did.

I most likely will never find out anything else about them, except that the adoption will be taking place but wow...I feel like they are part of my family. I will never be able to hear their names without thinking of the little ones I thought would be mine.

I'm sure this sadness will pass and so will the hurt. I'm sure we were brought this way for a reason that maybe we will never understand. But once the healing is done, we are made stronger.

But I know that we NEVER wanted to "compete" or "fight" for a particular child. I just realized that today...that THAT was why we wanted adopt from a 3rd world country. We wanted to give the child or children the love that we have in abundance to share. We want to give a home to a child without hope and to share our Savior with a child who may otherwise never know Him.

She's out there somewhere...I just have to wait to meet her.

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  1. That is a beautiful perspective Beth! You may not be the adoptive family but you did 'adopt' them in a spiritual sense as you prayed for them and interceded as a mother for them and the Lord determined the outcome. There is disappointment but also joyful anticipation of how God is going to move and bring to you the child that He wants you to be a mother to. Rest in His assurances and know that you can trust Him - He knows best!