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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Switching Countries????

Hello! Yesterday the snow fell heavily in parts of Indiana and today it is all white outside. I have a bad cold...probably brought on or at least made worse by my crying for days about the adoption disappointment. BUT I am recovering...from both...and feel somewhat better today!

I just talked to our adoption agency here in Indiana...in fact, I talked via email numerous times today. She said that the country that we have been thinking about is getting slower and slower and she is very frustrated about it. "Have you thought about switching countries?" she asked...and suggested Uganda.

They operate an orphanage in Uganda and she sent me names and ages of children there that are available...all HIV negative! She has a brother and sister pair...sister aged 3 or 4 and the little brother about 10 months old. She has other little ones as well...so.....we are thinking about it and considering and praying at this time. We have about a month to go in the process that she does and then it will be sent to the country we choose.

How exciting, especially after coming from such heartache last week. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

It is amazing how God works in our hearts and lives. I have become very attached to two little ones from the Congo that I take care of on Monday mornings at Becca's "school." There are also two more preschoolers from the Congo that attend the same school and they are also just adorable! I love their little faces and God is certainly giving me a love love love for their little African ethnicity like I never thought He could!!!! I think that they are just absolutely beautiful. When I held my little newborn birth babies, of course, they were white and I thought that no one else had such pretty babies. Now I feel the same way about these little ones. They are just so beautiful!! I am so very very happy that He is giving me time with these other little ones before He gives me MY little one or ones! I can hug and love on them and imagine my own little child someday. (And you know that I will think that he or she or they are the MOST beautiful in the WORLD!!!) God IS GOOD. I think sometimes He is hard for me to understand and it is even more difficult for me to be patient...but through it all, HE is GOOD!

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  1. Oh I pray things will work out for you. I'm sure God has a plan to reward your faithfulness!