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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Our 2 year anniversary is very close...sometimes I can't believe that we've been married for two years already and sometimes it feels like we've been together much longer than that.

It hasn't always been easy...in fact, as much as we love each other and each other's families, sometimes it has been downright difficult. There were times we've second guessed our marriage decision...just to come back to the realization that we KNOW it was God's will. We prayed and prayed about it for a long time before we took the "big step."

I don't think it is usually very easy when two people try to blend a family. No matter how ALIKE my husband and I are...soooo very alike in so many ways...there have been differences in how we have raised our families. We believe the same way and if we were to talk about discipline etc. we would have agreed that we believed the very same way. HOWEVER, coming right down to administering that discipline consistantly is a different matter altogether. It is not always easy.

Blending two older families...and having them live together 24/7 is hard, hard, hard!!! It is not for the weak! So many times we have both just wanted to say, "Ok...never mind, lets just go back to dating each other again...THAT was FUN!" But we haven't done that nor will we ever do that! By the GRACE of GOD....there's those words again... we are going to keep it together!

MOST OF THE TIME, IT IS FUN! There are lovely times with the family...especially when they're all together and we're acting crazy! Sometimes my husband's family looks at mine and wonders what hit them and how did the other half grow up so ...well...crazy! I wonder the same thing, sometimes! But then I look at me, the mom, and I ADMIT that is where the craziness and silliness has come from!

Children ARE a blessing! I fully believe that...but sometimes in that BLESSING there are some heartaches. It is so difficult to convince those children when they are being difficult that they ARE loved. How do you convince a step child...on either side of the family...that although they have misbehaved and are "in trouble with us"...that they are LOVED so deeply? Sometimes it is even hard for us to FEEL loving all the time. But we know we love them deeply deeply deeply.

Sometimes I just want throw my hands up and say, "Ok...that's it...I'm done..." Sometimes I HAVE said that...but I know those emotions will pass. Nothing comes from giving up. Things worth having aren't necessarily easy to get! There will be fruit from our labors. Maybe not right away but there will come a day where we see our productiveness.

So Tuesday, June 2nd, Roger and I will celebrate our anniversary. I bought a new dress for our "date"...found coupons (of course!!!!!!) for a nice restaurant in our quaint little town. I'm sure we will be romantic and talk about our courtship, honeymoon and our married life so far. I'm sure we will talk about our kids. We'll probably even HEAR from our kids DURING our date.

OR MAYBE....we'll just turn off our phones and tune out our "Blessings" for just an hour or so. They might not understand but I'm pretty certain that GOD will be ALL FOR IT!!

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