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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beautiful Wedding!

DID YOU HEAR THAT???? It was a HUGE sigh of relief!! The "wedding of the year" is over! It was wonderful, beautiful, touching, and...tearful!
Danny and Erin have dated for 6 1/2 years and it seemed like they were made for each other...I believe they were. God ordained it and yesterday all our hopes and dreams and wishes for them came true.
Their words to each other were precious...but the look on my son's face was beyond description.

He is a joker...the class clown...yet serious enough to have been elected "chaplain" of his senior class at the Christian school they both attended. But to see his face as his precious bride walked down the aisle was amazing. He cried and had everyone else crying as well. My husband couldn't even look at him a second time. I, on the other hand, looked at him more than I looked at our sweet Erin. I am used to seeing her pretty face and was able to see her and even pray with her before the ceremony but to see my boy brought to tears at the sight of the love of his life was just amazing.

They spoke words of love and commitment to each other that had themselves and all of us choked up. Two of my daughters (who were bridesmaids) were almost unable to contain their emotions.

This isn't just an ordinary love story about two childhood sweethearts finally getting married.

These young people have been put to the test and have come out golden.

Erin's dear mother was the victim of domestic abuse and is in heaven. Her father will not be able to actively be a part of her life for many many years...if ever. The wedding was on Erin's mother's birthday in memory of her.

This happened when the kids were only sophomores in high school. Danny refused to leave her side and slept on the floor in the living room of her aunt's house for many days while Erin slept on the couch. During a period of complete fatigue and emotional exhaustion he even blamed himself for not being able to stop what had happened.
That's an awful lot for a couple of children to have to handle.

I know that God has blessed them and will continue to bless them. He has blessed others through them. God has used both of them to talk about their experience to groups of people and I am so grateful and humbled to have these kids as MY kids...she's mine OFFICIALLY!!!!

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