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I'm a mother of five of my own children, very blessed adoptive mommy to one, step mother to three! Married to a wonderful man who forgives ALOT! Grammy to 6!I also have the best "kids in law" that I could have! I am blessed to be able to baby sit for our grandchildren a few days a week. I am blessed to be able to NOW stay home full time to take care of our home, children, and grandchildren!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Start of a new school year and cleaning!!

We have been so busy here at our house. I'm TRYING to get organized with cleaning and having the girls start school this week. They are both very excited about it. I think that Jennie is having a much easier time with it because she went from public school last year to online streaming for school this year. So she is used to the routine and the necessity of the school tasks that she is doing. Becca was homeschooled last year but since I worked outside of the home last year, she did much of her work on her own time schedule. She did fine for me but it wasn't as regimented as it will be this year.
I bought a new laptop so that each of them would have a different computer to work from. It was nearly impossible for them to put in a full day's worth of school sharing the computer. Becca has been saving for a computer (and so has Jennie) so Becca and I went in together to buy one. Jennie will continue to save her money until she has enough to buy her own laptop. However, they help support a little Kenyan boy and Becca helps me to pay for her trumpet lessons so saving money is rather slow around here!
I think it is so cute, though, to see them doing their schoolwork. Becca answers questions out loud and sings during their Bible class when the teacher asks them to sing a hymn. They have LOTS of Bible memory to do and I am pleased but somewhat worried about them getting it all done. I can't imagine anything any better for them to do, though, than to memorize God's Word! God has been putting that on my heart as well so I may try to memorize it along with them! So far Jennie has taken several quizzes in different classes and has gotten 100%! Yay for Jennie!

It is also neat that the girls' cousins from Pensacola Christian Academy are "in" their classes. These are pretaped classes from a year or so ago so even though the cousins are a little older than my girls, they are "in" the same class! It's fun watching them answer the questions. These are good kids so I don't expect the teacher will ever have to tell them to pay attention, etc. in the classes. (I'm just so happy that I was never in a taped class...my parents would have had evidence that I was NOT paying attention, talking, or just plain goofing off in class! WHEW!)

I've been cleaning out cabinets and washing the tops of cabinets in our house. I'm rearranging our pantry and cabinets a little bit as well. I just don't quite know what to do with all the stuff. Maybe it is time to DROP OFF at the Goodwill Store instead of BRINGING THINGS HOME from the Goodwill Store!

I'm also trying to figure out how to organize all the school books and manuals, test and quiz books, etc. for their school. I think I need to "purge" some book shelf space for this important time of their lives! I have to be better organized! That is my biggest problem...lack of organization! I would love to BE organized, I just don't know how to GET there!

I have some pictures to share but I don't want to disturb Jennie while she is studying...she is going to give me some computer lessons and show me how to get pictures from my camera on to the computer! Hmmmm....THAT should be a task for her!!!! Maybe next week...tomorrow and Saturday are those long days at work...I come home and just SLEEP!

We have new neighbors accoss the street. I was praying for some people who possibly homeschooled to move in but they look like they are an older couple. They are probably very nice and soon we plan to bring them a loaf of home made Zopf bread!

Blessings to you all! Have a lovely day!

Oh...by the way, I've talked about "Trinket" the kitten...Jennie has decided to put a short playful video of her on my blog. Hmm....Oh well, I guess I told her my password???? Not sure why. She was working on a video about a slum in Kenya and about the growth of a baby in the womb so she is sharing them with us. I DID tell her to put her Kenyan video and the baby video on there. I LOVE THAT GIRL OF MINE!!! :)


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment :)
    Just read your post, I would so come over and help you with your cleaning and organizing if we'd live closer but I think Im too far being way up here in Northern Alberta Canada :) But I seriously would help you if I could! I love cleaning and organizing other peoples homes better than doing my own! Im fairly organized and I think the reason I am is because I am constantly giving away stuff. So you cant help but be organized when your a minimalist like me haha. I give away bags of toys, clothing, etc every single month. Seems I always have some little thing or another to give away and that helps it stay uncluttered here. So thats my two cents on how to get organized....just start by giving things away.

    :) candy

  2. I think you are right, Candy! I just need to give stuff away! I love to give things away to people that I think would like the things or need them. I just need to start doing that.
    I wish I could be a minimalist...but my THINGS just keep getting in the way! haha

    I work in a house that is for special needs people and it is sooo easy to clean because it is just simple and as you said, minimalistic! I just need to get to that place!!!! Maybe someday!!
    Thanks for your offer to help me...maybe I can arrange airfare!!! Hahahaha!!!!

  3. Hi momma:)

    i didnt choose which videos are put on your blog, they automatically show up on here when i upload them to youtube:) so i didnt get on you blogger account without permission, haha.
    just wanted to let ya know

    love ya, momma:)

  4. Videos? I don't see any. But I do see new pictures. I love the dishes at the top, and the kitties. :-)

  5. Oh...sorry...scroll all the way down...there's the kitty and our pretty little grand daughter!!