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Monday, August 24, 2009

Our new Camper!

I've been working on organizing the girls' school books and all the papers and notebooks that go along with them! WHEW! I bought two Rubbermaid type files for my part and quickly found out this morning that I will need more! I hate to spend money just to get organized but I think it is important to be organized in AT LEAST this area of our lives!
It was a much colder weekend than we have been used to and I had a terrible headache yesterday to prove it! I made it to morning Sunday School and church and then went to bed as soon as lunch was over with. I didn't make it to evening church but my hubby did. He is doing something with the sound booth at church, using a computer or something...they won't let ME near it and good for them!!!!
There's not much happening today...the girls are working on their schoolwork and have recited their verses and their poetry this morning. They did a good job!
I'm going to help my husband bring home our new(ish) little camper this afternoon! I can't wait to outfit it with things around our house, quilts, dishes, etc. My husband (otherwise known as "He who has put wife on purchasing restrictions") admitted to having already bought plates and bowls for the new camper. He said that he could already "see" me going to the Goodwill Store and buying all kinds of things for our little home away from home. I told him that I can decorate our camper from things already in our house. He said, "I BET YOU CAN!!!" Hmmm...I'm not sure how to interpret that! Do you think he means that I am soooo talented that I can create some lovely things from items in our house....or could he possibly mean that I have already purchased so many things that are laying around our home that there is plenty to pick from???
We are planning a trip to "Holiday World" (a nice amusement park) in Southern Indiana soon and plan to camp closeby. That will be our first time in our camper. I am considering how much fun it might be to let just us girls go camping sometime! (Since I work Fridays and Saturdays, it is hard to take advantage of camping!)

By the way, my daughter Jennie has now posted some videos of our little granddaughter, Seraphina and well as our silly kitten...the baby is about 9 months old and the kitty is about 12 weeks old...just in case you want to check them out! Please pardon my messy house in the background!!!!
Well...lots and lots to get done today and not much time to do them in! So have a lovely day! Blessings to you all!

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  1. OH! The videos are down at the bottom! I will watch them another time when its not so close to midnight.

    I laughed out loud at the conversations with your husband. Unfortunately, they sound something like the ones that Jeremy (aka: budget man) and I have.

    I'm still grinning.