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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Visit to the Pumpkin farm and Roger's Paisley Cake!

We recently went to a farmer's vegetable stand where we have purchased many vegetables this past summer. This time he has 5 acres of pumpkins! His prices were very reasonable so the two younger kids picked out their pumpkins. Our church is having a harvest celebration in the middle of October so we are buying pumpkins to give away to the kids that come as well!

At "The Country Market", we bought gourds to decorate our home. This Cornucopia was a Goodwill Find! It matches our kitchen and family room color scheme so it looks nice on our table! I love those finds!

Gideon loves his big pumpkin! He thinks he should carve it out, add a face and wear it on his head to scare the little kids who come to our door on Halloween. I'm going to try to talk him out of that...yuck.

Becca is looking for that "perfect" pumpkin! I bought several to cut up and make pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread. Can you believe it? I've never ever made a pumpkin pie before! I promised Becca that we would "learn together..." sometime very soon!I had a very busy Saturday! I worked from 7a.m. to 7 p.m. and then we had a surprise party for my sweet and pretty daughter in law, Holly. She just graduated from cosmetology school after faithfully attending for around two years. She has been wanting to do that for quite a while and I am so proud of her (and her hubby, Aaron, and their little guy Dylan.) She is also going to be the proud mama of a little boy expected to be born in January!

There were close to 40 people waiting to surprise her at a local restaurant and of course, she cried when we all cried, "Surprise, Congratulations!" She was taken back and she said, "But what did I do??!!"

My son, Aaron, asked that we...mostly Roger...create a "paisley" cake for her and I must brag just a bit on his artistic ability! I think it was just beautiful!

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