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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cold Camping, Covered Bridge Festival and MORE AMISH!!

We (dear hubby and I) had a wonderful time together camping! Every year we try to take a night to celebrate his birthday and get away. Since we just spent money buying our little family camper, we decided that we needed to use it instead of trying to stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast. It was rather cold....brrrrr......and we had a hard time keeping our gas furnace on!!! We later found out that there might have been air bubbles in the gas line since it started working very well at some time during the night! But until then, we had SIX blankets to keep us warm! I think that the temperatures were in the 40's!!!!
I just love the Amish and I had totally forgotten how close the western Indiana Amish settlement was to Turkey Run State Park and the Covered Bridge Festival! (We camped at the park and spent our time at the festival.) Anyway, we were driving through the area and came upon this little Amish schoolhouse. There were so many adorable little kids playing in the schoolyard! I didn't take pictures of the actual children because I wouldn't have wanted to have strangers take pictures of me...or my children! So I just took a picture of the school.
Across the country road there was a huge farm where they sold cheese! We bought two blocks of cheese and we are going to have it as part of supper tonight. We also went to several Amish stores...out in the middle of "no where". We bought a few items and chatted for a while. One place was a "bulk" foods store and we bought a lot of different items. I have been trying to find "washing soda" for a homemade laundry detergent recipe and I was blessed to have found it at one of the stores! I bought lots of things at the grocery there. I wish I lived closer...it was a real bargain lovers' paradise! I bought dry mixes to make "dips" for parties and get togethers. I really had wanted my husband to buy little packets to make "dips" when we went to some of the vendors at the festival but they were really expensive and only made one dish. At this place, we bought it for much less and will made probably 15 dishes! I can't wait to try it!

This is the covered bridge in "Bridgeton," Indiana. My hubby is the cute one....the guy in the white shirt in the middle! (Holding stuff I bought......!!!)

Another bridge outside of Bridgeton. We were on this tiny road and my dh took a picture as we drove. Notice the long line of traffic behind us? (In the mirror....) My husband did an AWESOME job maneuvering the big van and camper! I couldn't have done it...at least not without tears! I don't think he cried even once!! Isn't it great how God made us (men and women) different?

We had a wonderful time! I love my husband so much and I'm so happy that God gave him to me! I'm really trying to do my best to be the right kind of wife to him. (I'm not always!!!!)
He's a real gentleman...something I'm not used to! He takes my hand, makes sure I'm walking on the inside of the sidewalk, not near the road, holds my hand if we're walking down a hill...all that chivalrous kind of stuff! I used to think, "I can do it myself!!!" and then I decided to give in and let him be my protector. WOW is it wonderful to allow him to show me love in this way that he knows to!!!! I feel so special! It really makes me feel like I WANT to be the kind of wife he thinks I am! (He doesn't always know the grouchy feelings that I feel....ummmm....sometimes he does! )
Well, I have a long list of things that I need to get done today. I made the list last night so I'd better get started! Have a blessed day!


  1. Dear Beth,
    The last photo on your post of the tree lined winding country road is very much like my road and we live on a section of road just like this, except our trees are gum trees and cabbage tree ferns and the occasional palm. It is one of the most scenic roads in our district and I know I am blessed to live in such a beautiful valley. If you drive for another 10-15 minutes you reach an area which is called 'The Promised Land' which has crystal clear rivers. World Heritage rain forest with waterfalls is about another 1/2 hour drive away. Such natural beauty attracts lots of visitors and many travel by camper van - they are a common sight in this region as many people choose to travel Australia in this way.

  2. Whew! I finally caught up. I've been behind about a month on all the blogs I usually read.

    I cannot believe you were in Shipshewana recently. We are about 45 minutes from there. I so wish we could have gotten together!

  3. Hi Ann!
    Tell you what...if YOU want to come to Indiana, you can stay with me IF I can come to Australia and stay with you!! Haha!! I'll be on the first plane outa here!! I love Indiana, though! Wow, Australia sounds wonderful!!

    Missy!! Roger asked me if I saw your town...I didn't realize exactly where you live. I said, "Rats! I could have taken her to lunch!!" I think I could find it in my power to visit Shipshewana again...AND see you and your girlies!!!!