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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free at last...Free at last!!!

Today I made an "executive" decision!!

I decided to withdraw my girlies from the video program that they have been doing for school.

Don't get me wrong, it is an AWESOME program IF you want that kind of thing.

We didn't.

We are going to continue with the books and lesson plans but we are going to do it "on our own" for the year. I had already decided NOT to do it next year and then I thought, "Why wait?" I only have this time with my kids and I can't go back and redo this year so I just decided to discontinue it now.

We found that it took too much time for them to sit in front of their computer and listen to a teacher lecture. It was too much like "going to school."

We now have the freedom to experience school as we want to! We are so excited and it seems as though a burden has been lifted! Next week we will have the time and freedom to go to the Art Museum, Lord willing!

At supper tonight, Becca (12) expressed an interest in American Embassies. We explained it in as much detail as we could and then I suggested she research it for part of her school next week! Last year, she came across the name "War of the Roses" and researched it and wrote a paper about it JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS INTERESTED!!! Now, THAT'S learning!!

I don't intend to let them just "glide by" in doing their schoolwork but I don't want them to be tied down to the computer all the time either. I haven't been able to do any of the things we have planned to do this year in the way we were going-very little cooking, no sewing or homemaking skills were being taught.

Jennie, a sophomore, had suggested in the summertime that they take a country, research it, create a cultural meal from that country and present it to our family. That sounds wonderful and extremely educational for both girls. (I hope it will also bring them closer together...something that just being home together and being homeschooled is doing for them already! When big sister (19) has a day off from college, it is pretty silly around here!)

We took one day for a special outing this year but last year we took weekly trips somewhere, even if it was just to have school at the park and enjoy the day that God gave us. We didn't have that freedom trying to follow the video school outline.

I'm excited again to be homeschooling this way!

By the way, if any of you have any advice how to keep accurate records and transcripts for high school, I'd love to hear from you! I HAVE already talked to two local colleges (one that is connected to Indiana University) to see what they would need from us if Jennie decides to attend a secular college. I've also read information from the HSLD regarding us awarding a high school diploma. It doesn't seem too difficult in Indiana, however, I intend to attend the homeschool conference this year and see what we really need to do!

Isn't it wonderful to live in a country where we STILL have the freedom to homeschool if we desire to?
By the way, did you notice the Goodwill price stickers on some of the items on the picture of Trinket kitty and SOME of our school materials? I can't believe some of the deals I have gotten on foreign language sets! Becca figured out that I've paid approximately 5% of the original price!
Blessings to you all!


  1. We have so much learning time that happens over our meals! Micah is full of questions and I think that's the type of info that kids *really* retain. Happy homeschooling! ♥

  2. I agree with Holly.. the information kids retain is the information they themselves are interested in. Sounds like you guys are really making some worthwhile choices for your schooling☺

  3. Thanks dear ladies for your comments! I just realized that "fall break" for public schools in our area is Friday, Monday and Tuesday so I will have a few days to start working on our own school schedule and agenda. I'd already determined that if public schools were off for a reason, we would be too...except for snow days! I can't find a really good reason to let them have a day off of school for THAT!!