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Monday, October 26, 2009

Harvest Week

What a busy week we had at our little country church! It was Harvest Week and we had many events to invite people to. We wanted to get the gospel message to as many people as we could. Last Sunday was the beginning of the events and yesterday was the last of the events. On Tuesday evening we had a teenage party and we had a good turnout. Becca was able to invite a young lady she knew from school when she attended the public school. They had a great time!
On Thursday we had a children's carnival in the church's gym. We had games and prizes and lots of fun. We had 300 people attend! (Our average Sunday attendance is about 200) Roger and I "manned" the "Tossing Jonah" game. The kids had beanbag Jonahs to throw through the big Fish's mouth for a prize. We had a big bonfire and a pumpkin patch for the kids along with hayrides!
Friday night (for us...unrelated to our church activities) included me working from 7am to 7pm and then attending a long awaited wedding for a couple of our friends. It was beautiful and fall themed...right up my alley!! One of the best parts was that they said that they borrowed from Roger and my wedding and had "God Bless the Broken Road" sung for theirs as well. They said that they hoped it brought back good memories for us! It DID!!
Saturday, I worked again and then went bowling with our Sunday School class. It was fun but I am an AWFUL bowler! We had those little bumper things put in our lane and I still just barely got 70! Roger, Gideon and Becca did much better. The older girls didn't go...they either worked or were sickie...again.
Sunday was a big Sunday for us. We had a special speaker in church and then an after church dinner. We brought macaroni and cheese and a "punchbowl cake." It was still the harvest theme at church and we had hamburgers and hot dogs. But the food that the ladies brought was amazing! These are country Baptist farm ladies!! OH WE WERE SO BLESSED!!!! hehehehe! Our gym was still decorated with soooo many bales of straw! We also had animals in the grassy part of the grounds...a horse, a calf, chickens and chicks, several goats, and FREE KITTENS! No, we didn't take one home...much to Becca's distress. My cat allergies just can't handle any more...two are about to do me in!!!!
Then we had our evening service in the afternoon. Becca and I worked in the nursery. We were all done and home by 2:30!


  1. Harvest time is not really celebrated here - I have not been to a Harvest festival or supper since I left England in 1990. Which is a shame really as I think it is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to people. Of course we are not in Autumn but Spring at the moment!
    Even Christmas is low key, you do not see the scale of Christmas decorations in homes and in towns that you see in the U.S or England, probably because we are in summertime and most people head to the beach. As I am English, Christmas is really special to me and right now I am busy getting ready - it is another perfect time for reaching out to people in our communities too!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. I love our harvest festival. Brings out our whole community.