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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adoption Update....

I talked to one of the adoption agencies by phone a few times yesterday and had a lengthy "interview" by an adoption liaison for that agency. Whew....it was an exhausting 45 minutes. It was just an emotional kind of thing and I felt as though I was going to "blow" it.... but I think it went well!

The original agency who first placed Israel with his adoptive parents are now "in charge" of his adoption. It kind of scares me because we have already been "chosen" by another agency to adopt him. But legally, we had to have this other agency involved, too, in order to have him able to cross state lines and come home to us. So it seems that THEY have to accept us as well....

But, God is over Kings and Heads of State, so I am SURE He has no problem with Adoption Agencies.....

I talked to our little Israel on Friday. His first adoptive parents said "Goodbye" to him that day and told him that they were no longer going to be his parents. He, of course, cried....and so did the Daddy. I am sure it was sooo difficult for them.  But I got the phone call from his foster Mom and then talked to Israel. He said, "I really like you guys a whole lot!" I had tears in my eyes when I told him we like him a whole lot, too....and that I miss him and have been thinking about him all the time!

I know it will work out, it is just taking much longer than we wanted it to. Jennie is leaving for England one week from today and we had hoped that he would already be in our home by then. I do want her to meet him before she leaves.

It is possible that we will have him by then...but increasingly unlikely. However, his foster parents are going to Wisconsin for 8 weeks starting on Sunday and they will be driving though Indiana!!!! Hmmmmm.............makes me think that I will be making a road trip..............Anything it takes just to see my boy!


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  1. Whew! And now I'm caught up. Israel sounds like such a sweet boy. I love him, too.