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Monday, June 4, 2012

Court Date!

From what we understand, our little boy's case will be heard in court today in the other state in which he is a legal resident. They are trying to switch custody of him to a third party who can then give us custody!

Pray that it goes well! If that doesn't work, I was told that there is a "plan B"...but I'd love for it to work!

We are busy switching rooms around, stirring up dust and making me really sick with allergies! We have two cats and one dog in the house as well as living in the country with lots of dusty tractors and fields around. I told my hubby that I thought I had two options regarding dust and pet allergies...

#1....keep a very very clean house.
#2...leave everything alone and just never stir up dust...

I thought option #2 was the better and more likely solution but dear hubby opted for number 1.
(But there is always allergy medications, so I guess there is an option #3....)

Hopefully we will hear good news very soon and will have a date to go get our Israel! Leaving Sunday afternoon would be the very very best time for us but I'm not sure that it will work for the foster Mom...a.k.a. Mrs. Wonderful. She really is incredible and gives all the credit to God, which makes her even more wonderful!

God was wonderful to us and made our trip to the D.C. area a sweet time for our marriage... holding hands and talking to each other.  We are hoping to take the girls with us when we come back. Unfortunately, Gideon has some commitments that will not make it possible for him to go. We didn't get to actually go to D.C. or the other historic areas on this fast trip so we want to take a little extra time this next trip with the girls. I haven't seen Washington D.C. since I was 15 or so....and that has been a couple of years for me. (yeah. At least a couple.)

We had heard some car noises when we were about to make the trip home and Roger thought it would be best to have it checked out. He made the statement that we could just pray and trust God to help us get back over the mountains in our little Aveo.....but he also said that God gave us sense and we should take care of what He has provided for us.

All checked out well and our trip home was non eventful....except that we had a wonderful time. At one point, we were entertaining each other by trying to name all the Duggar children in order. We kept missing one. Poor little Jason.
Speaking of Duggars, I bought some DVD's of their show since we no longer have "TV"...just videos. We have gone over a year with no real TV. Anyway, 19 year old Jennie walked into the room last night and noticed that we had just turned the TV/DVD player on.
 She said, "Time for our 'Daily Dose of Duggars?'"
We thought it was pretty funny! We were excited because we were getting ready to watch an episode of the Bates family with the Duggars! I just love those families! They really helped us decide to adopt....even though they haven't the slightest idea who we are!

Well, back to work! Possibly tomorrow I can work on painting Israel's room! It's going to be a kind of antique yellow...in a boyish sort of way. I'm decorating it with retro pictures of cars, trucks, and airplanes. I bought a reversible quilt with navy, burgundy and that yellow color on one side  and dark green, navy and yellow on the other side. (That is, until he arrives home and makes it his own with his ideas and likes and dislikes!) I also thought it would be really cute to decorate it with John Deere tractors....but for a little boy from the Congo who has spent the last two years in New York city or the D.C. area, it may be a little soon to throw John Deeres at him!


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