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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Still....no Israel.....

It is certainly becoming discouraging to us while we wait and wait with no news of when we can go get our little boy. He, however, is at this moment "vacationing" in northern Wisconsin. You know, six year old boys are badly in need of vacations.....His latest foster mother, who is wonderful, by the way, has sent me two pictures of him having fun with her children. My biggest concern is that he is attaching too much to them and that it will be very hard for him to attach to us.....His bedroom here at home is just adorable...I need to do a little more and then I can send HIM pictures and post some on here as well!

I have some really interesting and sad news that I heard regarding Israel's life in the Congo. I want to think about how I want to write it so I will fill you in in a few days.

Jennie is having a great time in England! She is in the county of Surrey and is experiencing what it is like to live in England. She has six more weeks of being away from us.....sad for me, but I know she is loving it. She seems to really like Chris' family and I know that she feels more than "like" for Chris.....

Becca and I are on our way to stay for the day with my precious daughter in law, Erin, and their little boy Liam. Erin is on bed rest until she can safely deliver "Parker", our latest grandson, due in about six weeks. I love spending time with them!

The 4H fair is coming up and that is always a really busy time for us! Becca has cut down the amount of projects this year to 5 and Gideon has 2. We usually spend a great deal of time at the fairgrounds and we even have church at the fairgrounds! (Yeah....you're right....we live in a fairly "redneck" part of Indiana...but I LOVE IT!!!)

Well, Erin is waiting for our arrival...and her hubby Danny has requested that I bring her Wendy's french fries....so I need to "make haste!"

Blessings to you,

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