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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not Good News...but God is at Work!

The court news we received today wasn't good news. But all is not lost...God is at work and He may have once again gone behind the scenes to get done what we could not have done on our own. The short story is that the "guardian" that the first adoptive parents picked was not accepted by the court so now the only thing left to do is the RIGHT thing that we wanted to have done all along...for privacy issues, I can't say WHAT exactly...but it is a GOOD thing...it is just going to take a little longer than we had hoped.

The sweet thing that happened today was that I got to talk to my little boy on the phone!! He was told by the foster Mom that his other family wasn't going to keep him but that WE wanted him! He cried because he wants to go home to what he knows...but he is happy that we want him! So when I talked to him the very first thing he asked was, "Are you going to be my forever and ever Mommy?" To which I replied, "OH YES, HONEY!"
Then he asked, "Are you going to take care of me for my life?"
I said, "Yes, everyone in our house wants to take care of you because we take care of each other!"
He sniffled a little but he felt happy about it!
I told him that we were painting his room and he turned to his Foster Mom and with excitement in his voice he told her...she asked him to ask me what color we were painting it.
I told him "a construction truck yellow" and that our grandson Dylan was helping me and was standing in front of me grinning from ear to ear.
"I would like to have a friend." he said with a smile in his voice.
I assured him that he would have Dylan as a friend!
Later, Foster Mom Debbie told me that it was a very good sign that  the ONLY thing that he was concerned about was if we were going to be his forever Mommy and Daddy. He didn't care about materials things, just his Mommy and Daddy.  Children with attachment issues, which he is working though, are not concerned about relationships, just what they can "get." He has come a long way....baby......

It is taking a while and we are saddened that we can't just go and get our little boy. A six year old is too young not to have a "for life Mommy and Daddy" with him all the time!

So, please pray for Israel and our newest development in our adoption journey. I know that God is working!


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  1. Praying....I'm glad he knows that you are waiting for him. That will be a huge help to him.