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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy Week and a Run in with the POLICE!!

Our weekend in Chicago was wonderful. We spent Friday and Saturday night in the suburb of Wheeling, Illinois then went downtown Chicago for Sunday night. We stayed right on the Magnificent Mile...or whatever it is called. I was sort of impressed but not really. All those shops and not ONE Goodwill Store! What a waste!
I tried to find something to bring home to the babies but EVERYTHING was overpriced for our budget! I found and adorable little sleeper for the baby to be (due in May/June) and showed it to Roger. It was $27.50 and he said, "That's really cute but I bet you could find the same thing at Goodwill."
I told him that it WOULD NOT be the same thing but that I was really just teasing and had NO INTENTION of actually buying it! We found baby bibs in Bloomingdale's for $8.00 but since we have ONE NEW baby and ONE on the way, that would be $16.00 for just two little bibs. Kind of ridiculous to think about a baby spitting up on them, right? I put them back, too.
I did get a little silver charm of the Chicago Watertower that I intend to put on a charm bracelet for me. When we went on the cruise last year, we got some free charms there and I have a charm from Maine AND one from the Amish area in Northern Indiana that I have had for quite a while. So, I rationalized that it wouldn't be a really bad thing to buy one from Chicago. We did shop around until we found a place that we could afford!
Speaking of affording, or more aptly spoken, NOT AFFORDING, we had the audacity to walk in to the Louis Vuiton store while we were in Chicago. Yeah, first of all, I wasn't impressed. Secondly, THEY were NOT impressed with us. It became kind of funny to me. I was wearing my favorite Goodwill finds and I was in a store where the men's ties cost more than I make in a week! One look at me and my Walmart shoes and they knew that I was NOT a customer and they didn't need to be nice to me. They did, however, feel the need to follow us around the store to make sure we didn't shoplift. Hehehe! Me and my Youth Pastor husband...shoplifters?? (He was a youth pastor several years ago, not any more.)
Actually, we DID have a run in with the police several years ago in our town. We had been dating for about six months or so and we drove separately to a singles function at our church. Our children did not yet know that we were dating, so we were trying to keep it a secret. As it ended up, after the game night at church was over, we took my BIG van to the park to take a walk. It was dark out, probably 9:30 at night and it was getting cold out. We decided, after we took a walk, to sit in my van and talk. (Well, he DID smooch me a time or two...but it had taken him six months to get around to that OR to hold my hand!!! What a gentleman!!) Anyway, all of the sudden, we were surrounded by TWO police cars with their flashers on! He said to me, "Let's get out of here!!" I threw the car into reverse before I thought, "What a dumb idea!!!" We hadn't done anything wrong...except for the couple of kisses, that is...So I put it back into park and waited for the police to come to the car.
As it ended up, I think the police thought we were dealing drugs OR teenagers in that big old van of mine. I also didn't live in the same county as the park, so they probably knew that I didn't live in that town since my license plates on the van were from a different county. The police told us the park was closed at dusk. Go Home.
We couldn't go home because we still didn't want the kids to know that we were seeing anyone until we were pretty sure of our relationship.
Anyway, that has sort of been a joke with us being caught by the police.
So nothing more is happening with us right now...just silly stories!


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment :)

    Its terrible when sales clerk act so snobby isnt it! As if wearing brand names makes them such better people or something.

  2. I'm so glad you guys had a great time together. Jeremy and I have had several (for real) similar experiences with the police when we were dating, and no, we weren't parked and making out. We just attract cops, I guess. We have a running joke now, that whenever we are out on a date we have to shout, "We're NOT on a date!" whenever we see a police car. Even now, it doesn't always help. (But it sure makes life fun!) :-)

  3. Your story about the Louis Vuiton store reminded me of something that happened to a friend of my father's a while back. Well, he was extremely wealthy but didn't look it at all. In fact I can remember his wife wearing her ratty old college sweatshirts when she was well into her 60's. Anyway, he was in the market for a Mercedes and he sauntered into a dealership all ready to pay cash for whatever model struck his fancy. The salesmen treated him so badly that he just walked out... then drove 100 miles to the next nearest dealership where they treated him very respectfully in spite of his shabby appearance. The funniest thing of all was that he specifically requested a car that he had seen at the first dealership. The first dealership had to delver that vehicle to his home, even though they didn't get any credit for the sale. hehehe;)