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Friday, March 12, 2010

God Answers Prayers...

God does answer prayers. But sometimes it's not the answer we want.
A few weeks ago when Roger and I embarked on the land and home buying process, we fervently prayed that God would lead in this endeavor. We EACH prayed on the way to make the offer on the land that we do what God wants us to do. I asked Roger, who was driving separately from me, to pray specifically that IF this was NOT God's will, to NOT allow it to happen.
Well...it looks as it it is NOT going to happen.
I just found out today from the county planning commission that it really looks like the little piece of property was never given the special ordnance to build on. Almost all of this week has been spent trying to prove that it HAD been ok'd but it just isn't so.
Since it is smaller than what the law allows to build on, it is going to be nearly impossible to get it approved barring some miracle. HOPE HOPE HOPE...my FATHER works miracles....!!!
I did ask the wonderful and caring lady that has been trying to help me to see if it would be at all possible for the owners to try to get the variance that is needed and she said that she will talk to the county attorney and get back with me on Monday. It seemed from our conversation that she didn't want to tell me "NO" without first making certain. She is a real sweetie! I felt sorry for her because when I spoke to her, I was fighting back tears and she was really quiet. I know she felt so sorry for us. I think she needs some home made bread or cookies, don't you?

So I cried a little bit...but I also feel a wonderful feeling from my Heavenly Father that HE knows the best for His children and that there is something better out there for us...possibly not a little bit of land in the country...but something in HIS WILL and that is better than all the land and our dreams of chickens and little milk goats that money can buy, isn't it?