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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Land Purchase Problems...YIKES!!

Well, there was more disappointing news yesterday regarding our little land purchase. We were all set to close and the bank called me and said the appraisal came back, no problem, except that it appears that we may NOT be allowed to build on the land! I knew already that in the county that we are planning to build in, you are supposed to have more than this amount of land to build on. However, according to the realtor, all the zoning and permission was already given and the land was already platted. According to them, all we had to do was to choose a house and get the building permit and then get started! Sounds fairly easy...wow was I wrong! I went to three different county offices and then back to the first one and STILL no answer. No one could show me that a special variance was given to this piece of property OR that the land was deeded before May of 2006, which is when the new rule went into effect.
I called the realtor who has the land listed and she assures me that it is ok; I am to call her again today and she will locate the correct paperwork. I hope it is all as she says it is but it makes me wonder why NO ONE could find out anything GOOD about the property. (The appraiser is also a commissioner or something important like that and the people in the county office were already aware of the problem since he had come in the day before trying to investigate it!)
In fact, the knowledgeable and professional woman who was helping me research it said, "Well, there are always other properties...sorry to be the one to give you such bad news."
Pretty ominous sounding. But I'm not giving up hope YET! The realtor said that the area was "sub divided" (In the middle of corn and soybean fields...) so possibly there is some hope; maybe they weren't looking for THAT kind of property. They did ask me if it was in a subdivision and I said, "No, it's way out in the country..." We'll see, I guess!! I also want to make sure that there are not any covenants about animals...we want chickens and possibly a goat...or two...Roger thinks I'm going to MILK the goat.....Yeah.

On a nicer note, we are planning to go to the Chicago area in just 1 1/2 weeks to the Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference! We are so excited to do this and also to get to spend the LONG weekend with each other! We are planning to stop by a home building in the Amish area of Indiana and check out some of their homes and floor plans. Of course,...we need a piece of land to put it on.......


  1. I hope everything works out!! I'll cross my fingers...Hugs, Jennifer : )

  2. When we had signed up to buy our property we were told by the local council that the block our house was built on which was zoned rural had no dwelling permit. However we had council plans stamped and approved for the house which was built in the 70s. We were hesitant to proceed but our lawyer gave us good advice and that was to obtain a written assurance that the home had been given building approval and would be included in the next environmental plan which shows all blocks and permitted dwellings.
    Hope those documents turn up - it is hard to dispute written signed evidence but I would not rely on verbal assurances from realtors!
    Pray it all works out for you - I know what you are going through!

  3. Ugh! My heart is tangled with yours on this *maybe* bad news.