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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Your Prayers are Needed!! :)

On Thursday we are supposed to go meet with the owners of the house we would like to move to our property! (It isn't ACTUALLY our property yet, we should close on it soon, though!) We also have to meet with a realtor and the developers of the property on which the house sits! I am a little concerned about it...I'm afraid they might want lots of money since there are so many other people involved! But we will see! We kind of have a figure in our minds that we can spend on obtaining this cute little cottage and it is not financially feasible to spend more than that on a house that we have to pay to have moved, put on a basement and have work done it. We would actually be saving the developers money by taking the house away rather than having them tear it down and dispose of the rubbish! (How horrible that thought is...the little cottage that is my DREAM house reduced to TRASH! Landfill fodder!!) We are praying about it and would covet your prayers regarding this as well! It is absolutely adorable though and just seems exactly what I would like to have! However, I have been known to put "BETH" before GOD in other circumstances and I want this to be HIS will, not mine or Roger's! (But I really want it badly!! hehe!!)

Becca (12 almost 13) and I and our dog Precious walked the property yesterday. Since we have had so much snow in central Indiana lately, we hadn't walked back to the back of it before. Precious loved looking for moles! We found a few places where they had been burrowing in the earth and the dog was just beside herself trying to find them! She is also a brave shrew hunter and a killer of mice. Good dog. Good Good Dog!!

In the above picture (I took a better picture yesterday but can't get it to download on my computer!) is a dead tree. (between the otherwise dead looking trees...) I was standing there thinking how much firewood that old tree could produce but Becca had her own ideas!

"Can you ask them to PLEASE not cut this tree down?" she begged.

"It will be US who cuts it down, honey." I told her.

"NO!!!!! I could put a ladder on the tree and that could be my READING spot! I've always WANTED a READING SPOT! See how it looks like a natural recliner?? You would always know where I was!!"

Wow. What an argument! In a day where most people have to worry about where their preteens and teens are...MY daughter will be up a dead tree reading a book! I guess that wouldn't be so bad...

I'm not quite sure she has won the argument, though! She would have to convince her step dad that the tree is a thing of BEAUTY! Maybe I can plants some flowers and a few vines around it...


  1. Or, you could even hang some pretty flower baskets from the branches. My kids are like that too. They love having that very special reading spot all their own.

  2. I'll be praying Beth dear!

    And guess what happened today? I came home to find a little package on my front porch... from someone who shall remain nameless (but her initials are BB:)) Millen just adores the little kitty, and she has been carrying it around all afternoon. She says to tell you "Kank yoo!" (Thank you!) She says she has to think about a name for a while... we'll keep you updated;)

    Tell Rebecca thanks so much too... and if she ever wants a penpal, Millen would be happy to help her out;)

  3. Sending another prayer heavenwards Beth! - God has it all in hand and if the cottage is not meant to be yours He will have something better! Before we found our eight acres of eden I prayed about an old church turned into a home that was for sale. I had always wanted to live in an old church but in the end someone else beat us to it, then that sale fell through because the vendors decided not to separate and work on their marriage and stay together. They are still living there. It just was not meant to be - a marriage breaking up to fulfill my dream was just not right! But we now have a home filled with light (the church was very dark) - and it has features reminiscent of church architecture! And a forest for a garden! I still love old churches though and who knows maybe one day we will renovate an old church but for now we are in the place where God wants us to be.

  4. Hi Beth, I'm back blogging...my blog explains everything as to why I have been gone. I hope all is going well....have a nice day, Hugs, Jennifer