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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Problem???

Well, I was so proud of my garden and the way I was treating the soil...so maybe it wasn't such a good idea! (My veggies do look really really good!!!)
My older brother called my dad last night to inform him that the place that they got the old horse manure had a rather serious "incident". A worker there was found collapsed and thought to have had a heart attack. Instead, it seems that he has histoplasmosis from the pile of old horse manure. Most likely, bird or bat droppings were originally in the stalls of the horses and since it has been moved around lately, the fungus has become airborne.
I have been feeling pretty yucky this past week but figured it was just because of the heat, etc.
I have really been working with that soil and even planted some more tomato plants in soil treated with that "fertilizer."
So, I'm going to call my doctor and see if I can be seen.
The cost of my home grown green beans has just gone up........


  1. Yikes! Hi, Beth. I hope everything turns out okay. I'm so glad we're friends now. I saw you on Roger's facebook page a while back, and now that I've read several entries on your blog, I feel like I know you.

    Thanks for the new perspective on missing Liberty's nightmares. God had a reason. Isn't He wonderful!

  2. Beth, Oh, my goodness! I sure hope you are going to be okay. When gardening there are so many things to watch for. We had a beautiful tomato that we wanted to stay on the vine one more day. When my DH went out the next morning to pull it, the birds had pecked all around it. Today, I went out to get lettuce for a salad for lunch and there sat a squirrel on our fence eating a Roma tomato. What we are able to get, we are really enjoying. I froze green beans this morning. They were not from our garden but a cousin's garden out in the county.

  3. Hi ladies! How sweet of you both to write! I did go to the doctor and she wants me to get a chest xray but our insurance will not pay. I feel fine and have no real symptoms...I have allergies and asthma so it is a little hard to tell the difference between that and histoplasmosis symptoms. Anyway, after July 1, we will have new insurance for us and I may go and have that done then!
    Missy...I'm glad we can be friends now, too, and maybe since you are moving to our fair state, we can actually meet!
    Marie...I made strawberry jam just a few minutes ago and now I have just one more jar lid to "pop". I have more to do tonight but I have a date with my hubby (we found a lost gift card while cleaning...a really good reason to clean???) I will work two 12 hour shifts Fri. and Sat. so I hope I can either get them done tonight or have everything ready for me to do them tomorrow night when we get home! (they weren't my strawberries, either...on sale at Krogers and my husband says that my jam is BETTER than Smuckers!!! High praise, huh??)
    Talk to you both later!
    (Oh, Missy, YES God is wonderful!! :)