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Monday, June 22, 2009

Garden Update!!

I have lots to do today, TB test, homeschool meeting, 4H meeting, babysitting sweet granddaughter....
BUT FIRST...an update about my raised bed garden!!
I planted some of it last Monday, a week ago today. Friday evening, there were just a few beans peeking up in the soil. By Saturday evening, some were literally three inches tall!!!! Absolutely amazing! I had no idea they would grow that quickly! Today, Monday, they're really getting big and their leaves look nice and healthy.
I have two beds of green beans...I read that I can plant more in a smaller area if the soil is good, so I am trying that out this year and seeing how it will work. The old horse manure must be working wonders...I wonder if that's what "Jack" used when he planted his beanstalk!

On another note, we now have a new little kitten!! We were visiting my two brothers' homes in the country yesterday after church...(wonderful to see them again...need to make a greater effort to do that!) We live in opposite corners of the county and it takes about 40 minutes to each other's homes....not a LONG way, but not really close either. Anyway, we came home from my older brother's house with a new kitten! Her name is Trinket and she is creamy white with gray ears, tail and paws. She has blue eyes and looks like a Siamese but she's not...as far as I know. (Her mama is just a gray barn cat.) She is related to kitties that we had years ago when we lived on a small farm about an hour south of here.

The self appointed queen of our house, Harmony, a long haired almost two year old cat, is NOT appreciating the new arrival at ALL. She is very upset and I am trying to be sweet to her but she is not having anything to do with us right now. I'm trying to give her extra attention and treats but it isn't helping at all. Hopefully she will come around but until that time, we are just keeping Trinket safely away from Miss Harmony. I might let Harmony come upstairs while I clean our room...she can lounge on our bed and feel "special" for a little while! Poor girl, she just doesn't understand! How COULD we do such a mean thing to her???? Our big dog, Precious, on the other hand, is really excited about her new "baby." She is a german shepherd/collie mix and is so gentle. She's so sweet to puppies, kittens, chinchilla's (did I spell that right? yeah, we have a pet chinchilla named Charlie...Precious lets Charlie climb all over her!)

Well, a really nasty storm looks like it's brewing here in Indiana. The skies are black once again...nice for my garden right now but its getting kinda old... We've lost several shingles on our house.

A huge clap of thunder just exploded outside and I'm sure Precious puppy is about to have a heart attack...she needs to find a table to hide under so I'd better get her downstairs with me!
So long for now!

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. Congratulations on your raised beds. Kittens are the cutest! I will be happy to help you add pictures to your blog, if you will just email me. It is so easy if you have the pictures in your computer.
    Marie's Home and Hobbies