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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

School enrollment and just stuff!

Yesterday was a pretty busy day with lots of different "kid" things to do. One exciting thing we did was enrolling my girls in school. Normally, I would really HATE that day...I have always felt as if I was relinquishing them to the public school system. However, yesterday I enrolled them in Pensacola Christian College's home school program. I am REALLY happy to be blessed to be able to take advantage of that program. I was concerned about teaching my daughters as they grew older...especially since one of them is in high school. I knew that my education was not extensive enough to teach them Algebra. When I was in high school, Algebra was not even required. With this program, she'll be able to graduate with an accredited diploma! She can take classes not offered through Pensacola and still get credit if they are given by other colleges and such.

So this is to me, the best of both worlds. I can have my girls home with me being exposed to what I want them to be exposed to and still have a thorough education. It's not as if they are totally ignorant of what goes on and what life really is like. They are fully aware of what happens in the world. THAT is why my highschooler made the decision to be home schooled for the rest of her high school years. She just had had enough of the language and the information that is in front of her all the time. She has LOTS of friends...her cellphone is constantly ringing or notifying us of her text messages but she doesn't feel like she wants all the rest of the "high school" situations in her life all the time.

I haven't tried this video school (actually it is streaming from the computer) before so I am sure it will be something to get used to. I am grateful for the need to be accountable to someone else besides just me as well.

Further update on the new kitten. Well....Harmony the cat STILL hates Trinket. In fact, she hates all of us right now. Poor cat, I really didn't think she would react this badly. Hopefully, with time...?????

The garden is looking great. We had a few tiny tomatoes yesterday! They were the little cherry type and were a beautiful orange color. They were really sweet and not as acidic as the red ones.

The bunnies ate the rest of the blooms off my zucchini plants...I thought I had one left but they found it, too..... Oh well...there are usually an overabundance of them around Indiana when they're harvested...perhaps there will still be some zucchini bread baked in our home anyway!!

It's a beautiful but very hot day today...we have many 4H projects to work on and I have been babysitting grandchildren! We went to the park and took fun pictures. The water fountain wasn't working correctly and squirted all over the place! Dylan, five, thought it was hilarious and got totally drenched. We did get pictures of that!!!

I love being home most days and sharing in the life of my favorite people! Very grateful for what God is doing in my life.

Gotta run...chicken on the stove - I'm making supper for my newly expectant daughter-in-law and my son! (She's not feeling the greatest today!)

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