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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gardens, Garage Sales and the Goodwill Store

I'm so excited! My father just gave us some wood to build frames for our garden and I'm hoping to finish it up this weekend. We've planted our tomatoes, peppers, squash and zucchini already and just need to complete the raised beds.

I'm really excited to think about canning some vegetables and preserving jams this year. Last Friday I put up some marmalade...it was a little harder than I thought it would be but it looks sooo pretty and I think it tastes good! (My girls aren't terribly impressed with it but my hubby is...so that's a good thing!! He couldn't believe that I could make it! :) )

Friday evening I attended a dinner party and pepper jelly was served with cream cheese and crackers. OH MY GOODNESS!! I can't believe how good that was! Pepper jelly is the next new thing I am planning to try to preserve!

I don't know what it is about preserving food for your family...and to use as gifts that is so exciting! It's just a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

So, hopefully we will be able to finish the raised beds this weekend. We also are blessed to be able to attend a wedding of a friend's son AND there are neighborhood garage sales close by!!(Gotta love those garage sales! Even better than the Goodwill stores!! And that's saying something!!)

I AM SOOO BLESSED TO HAVE A HUSBAND WHO IS ALSO MY BEST FRIEND WHO ENJOYS THE SAME THINGS THAT I DO! We have such a good time together when we are out at garage sales and "hitting" the goodwill stores...especially on their half price Saturdays!

Well,I need to sign off.... I have LOTS to do......

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  1. I love pepper jelly. I add it to mayonnaise to put in my slaw. I saw this done at a craft show where they were selling pepper jelly. I have frozen some extra produce that we have had from the garden. Yes, it does make you feel good and it will really be good to eat this winter.
    Love, Marie