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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Going to the doctor....Michael Jackson's death

So....I went to the doctor today concerning the possible exposure to the fungus that causes histoplastosis. Not a big deal but she wanted me to get a chest xray. I'm going to wait a while on that since our "good" insurance doesn't take over until July 1st.
The doctor didn't seem terribly concerned. I think she was MORE concerned about the fact that I was messing around with old horse manure...she just doesn't understand. I guess doctors don't like to get their hands dirty. She wants me to throw it away. I told her that it was already on my garden and I'm not about to throw out my beans. Good grief!!!! haha

Come to find out, it wasn't completely decided that the fungus actually came from the compost heap that contains all the old horse stall waste. So, after initially getting a little nervous, I've calmed down and am going to see if I actually have any symptoms! No fever or flu like symptoms. Just some asthma but that's normal for me this time of year.

I think our household...teenage mostly...is more shaken up today about Michael Jackson's death. I know that as a very conservative Christian mom, I'm not SUPPOSED to like that kind of music but that is what I grew up with. You've got to admit that he was a very talented performer. Some of his songs were incredible and beautiful. He was also very interested in humanity...something that we all could stand to be a little more interested in. (Especially Christians....)
We all know the accusations that were against him from time to time and YES, there were some pretty strange things about the poor man. I honestly think people used and misused him. He had some very very sad times in his life and I just felt sorry for him.
Whatever we thought about him personally, his music was incredible and he was a man who, if he hadn't accepted the Lord, needed the Lord. But who could get close enough to tell him?
I think that's the saddest thing of all.


  1. Ok....so I spelled histoplasmosis wrong...oops......

  2. Oh my! Who wouldn't spell that wrong?

    I had to laugh when I read your sentence about calming down and waiting for some symptoms! That is so me! And I completely agree about the Michael Jackson thing. I so wish he could have had a friend to tell him about God.