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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Beginning of 4H Results!

To all of those who may be interested...and even if you're NOT interested, we have SOME 4H results! Gideon (12) has had one project judged thus far (that we are allowed to see...others are curtained off until Friday!) The ones we know about were "open" judged. Gideon received a Blue...first place ribbon for his photography project!! Oh...for those who are not very familiar with how 4H goes...there are a lot of first (blue) places, second (red) places and third (white) places in 4H. It just depends on the quality of the project. So lots of kids might get a first place ribbon, which makes it really really nice as a reward for their effort. The very best of the first place ribbons get an "honors" ribbon and then there are the two Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Ribbons...some go to the Indiana State Fair to be judged there, depending on whether or not there is a State Fair Exhibit for that particular project or just a County Exhibit.
So, as I said, Gideon took a first place ribbon for his photos and so did Rebecca! She also got at least a blue ribbon for her "salon" picture. (it was a "creative/experimental" picture of the precious little grand daughter) We will see on Friday night if she got an honors or above. There was a little star on the scoring card that makes us wonder....????
She's been a busy girl...as my posts have indicated...I'm so sorry we have been 4H consumed!
She did receive a First place ribbon in Child Development with a story she wrote, First place in Foods today with wonderful biscuits (at least the JUDGE said they were "wonderful!" But not good enough to get the Honors division because the tops weren't completely uniform.) I WILL BE POSTING HER RECIPE THAT SHE AND I CAME UP WITH...THANKS TO THE BASIC RECIPE FROM MY BETTER HOMES AND GARDEN RECIPE BOOK! I think I might even enter it in the homemakers division this year. Becca can do it again as well, in the open show for kids. We'll see...these projects are time consuming!
So right now she is in the kitchen working on her "homemade chicken and noodles" for her Food Preparation project. She is making a menu based on Little House on the Prairie and then she has to show the menu and the recipe for her food she is bringing. She made homemade egg noodles and called the dish "Ma's Homemade Chicken and Noodles." (after Ma on Little House on the Prairie....)

You know, I think there is a fine line between being proud of the hard work that a person has done and being boastful. I hope I'm not being boastful. I don't mean to be. I also don't want my daughter to be a "proud, haughty, boastful" young lady. If I find that she is being that, I will put a stop to it.

Something that I really love about 4H is that a kid who isn't an athlete, singer, cheerleader, whatever, can really do a good job in 4H if he or she puts her mind AND EFFORT to it. I'm trying to be supportive of both kids and their efforts...so I hope you all will forgive me.

I hope both kids will be happy that they have worked hard on their projects. I hope neither of them are disappointed with the results we see on Friday night. Becca had a hard time with her "sock monkeys" she entered in the crafts department because they kept unravelling as she tried to sew them up. But the idea was for her to LEARN! Her handsewing is sooo much better now than it was in the fall. She also has two gifts...the sock monkeys...to use as Christmas presents this year!

Gideon drew/painted a very nice picture of a barn and he made a small footstool for his little niece...another gift for Christmas! I hope he does well. Since he is not homeschooled, he didn't have nearly the time to put into his projects as Rebecca (who is homeschooled) did. Part of her projects were part of her school work as well.

There is a delicious aroma drifting in here from the office and I am thinking that I should go check out the chicken and noodles! What do YOU think?

More tomorrow!


  1. Are you able to post kid's photography entries? I'd LOVE to see them.

  2. Hi Missy! When we get them back, I'll try to post them...I've got to get someone to show me how to get them on my blog IN my blog...not just along side it. I'll see if Roger can help me out on that one!