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I'm a mother of five of my own children, very blessed adoptive mommy to one, step mother to three! Married to a wonderful man who forgives ALOT! Grammy to 6!I also have the best "kids in law" that I could have! I am blessed to be able to baby sit for our grandchildren a few days a week. I am blessed to be able to NOW stay home full time to take care of our home, children, and grandchildren!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4H Projects and a Wedding Cake

Wow...today was really a busy one and tomorrow seems like its going to be even busier!
Will someone please remind me next year not to let Rebecca take 8 projects in the 4H fair?
Gideon, my stepson is taking three...and at this point, that seems too much!

Rebecca is almost done with several of her projects and one is totally done and looks pretty nice. Since she is home schooled I thought it would be a really good way to round out her education and make her do something that was according to someone else's rules instead of just mine.
I do love 4H but since this is really her first year (at age 12, but she could have been in it for several years now) it seems like it is a lot for her to handle. Next year we will know better!

So Thursday I am making batch after batch of wedding cake icing as well as making the actual cakes. We're also planning a morning out with my girls...possibly grabbing an inexpensive breakfast and then off to Half Price Books per Jennie's request. THEN, we babysit little Miss Wonderful (aka granddaughter). I am also planning to assist Becca with more 4H projects, fixing supper and then taking her to trumpet lessons. Friday and Saturday are my "work away from home days" starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m. each day. On Saturday there is the wedding that my DH is preparing the wedding cake for. Unfortunately I will have to miss the wedding since I have to work. Then there is the 4th of July Celebration at our town park. Whew!!!! I think I'm exhausted before I start!
I do think its kind of fun to have a lot to do...I feel like I've really accomplished something when I am done. I go home from my two day job feeling really tired...but its a good kind of tired knowing that I have been helping the special needs individuals that really need my help.
Most of my days are NOT filled like these few days are. Most of the time I have time to enjoy being in my home, taking care of precious grandchildren and enjoying my family. I usually have time to enjoy my cup of tea and relax for a few minutes on my back porch. I have it pretty good, I know, and I am so incredibly pleased to be my husband's help meet and to be able to ease his burden a little bit. There's another plus to me working those long days away from my home...it makes me appreciate my family, my husband and the home he has provided for us even more!


  1. Hi Beth! Thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a sweet comment about my friend issues...You have such a nice blog and it was so nice to meet you, you are so right I don't have time for friends like that...I'm going to add myself to your followers, if you would like to add your self to mine, that would be nice, my door is always open to meeting new friends... Have a nice thursday!! hugs, Jennifer

  2. Hi, thanks for coming by my blog.
    I just put that chair and birdhouse pic on my blog.....funny that you have one like it! (let me see some pics)I guess great minds think alike....we do share the same name! Beth

  3. Your comment about being locked out absolutely CRACKED ME UP! I said over and over during my banishment from the house that I was so thankful both of my girls were locked out WITH me. :-)