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Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is the Day the Lord has made!

We have had a lovely yet very foggy Sunday so far. We got up and went to church where the pastor is starting a new series on the 10 Commandments. It does seem very "elementary" as he said but I am sure that the Lord will give us new insight to our lives and where we are failing Him every day. It is also to be a lesson in Grace...one of my very favorite topics...being blessed with Grace from our Heavenly Father, as all believers are!
(Tonight, my hubby and I are actually SINGING alone in church! SCARY SCARY SCARY!! But it is a song that is so very close to my heart..Amazing Grace (My chains are gone...). I've never ever done anything like this before so..........yikes!!!

We decided to go out to lunch after morning church which is something we don't do very often but it was very enjoyable! The kids acted funny and silly and refreshing to us!
On the way to another town (to find an Arni's restaurant), we decided to drive past another vacant piece of land. There are houses on both sides of it but it is a nice, long plot of ground, perfect for our needs AND it is closer to our church.

I really loved the lot I looked at the other day but it is soooo very far from where we currently live and would probably be an additional 40 minutes to both of our commute time. It already takes us about 40 minutes! I could just live in a little dear farm house and be content but we DO have to work ...so....
I told my dear hubby to please NOT allow me to talk him into anything. (Yeah, I've been known to do that in my earlier life but for some reason, it doesn't seem to work with Roger! At least not yet, and I hope I never do that. Something that God is really speaking to me is the need to be submissive! I'm so glad God gave me a leader for a husband when He gave me the gift of Roger!)

We also drove by a "fixer upper" and after lunch we drove past it again. As much of an imagination as I have, I can't picture a decent home in that house. I think the "bones" of the house aren't good enough to try to do anything with it. I'm very "up" for buying a fixer upper but even Roger said he doesn't think it's for us. I think it would be throwing good money after bad.

We have some things to think and pray about. I feel uplifted to see this other vacant piece of land. I know that God wants the best for us even if it isn't what WE think it is at the moment. I was trying to figure out the other day after having driven out to the far stretches of the universe to see the first property how to convince Roger that IT was the place for us! Then I realized that it was selfish and sinful for me to try to do that if it wasn't ALSO what Roger thought would be good for us...AND what God wants for us!

I would dearly love to have a piece of ground that we could have and start planning for. I'd start getting rid of a LOT of stuff to simplify our home and have just what we need and begin to reduce the amount of stuff we have!

Of course, that would also involve NO MORE GOODWILL SHOPPING....hmmmm....CAN IT BE DONE????

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  1. Oh, Beth, you have just described our lives for the past seven months. EVERY weekend we spend driving past potential houses or plots of land, and touring some of them.


    (In fact, I think I'll stop here, and write a blog about it...except I'm a little nervous about putting it in writing.)