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Friday, January 29, 2010

Apron Giveaway Almost Through! (and some news!)

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Sunday is the last day so.............

This has been a busy week! I was able to hug and squeeze and kiss on Baby Brody on Thursday! We took care of Baby girl granddaughter, Seraphina, twice this week, too! Grandson Dylan had his 6th birthday AND lost a tooth. (He literally LOST it...or swallowed it!!)
Friday was spent at work...(15 hours yawn...)

But the BIGGEST news came on Thursday! My son Danny and his lovely wife, Erin announced that they know if their baby is a boy or a girl!! Danny is also almost certain to have a new job as a policeman!!! That has been his goal for a long time now! He has already gone through the police academy and was on the police force at his college campus but every time he interviewed for a regular police job, he would make it all the way through and be the "#1 man to hire." THEN there would be budget cuts and a hiring freeze. It has been a difficult time for him. Most recently, he was promised to be the first man to hire in a town where we lived several years ago and then there was the silly old hiring freeze (nasty old recession!!). This week, they called him and all looks very good to be OFFICIALLY hired NOW! He met with the Police Chief, Assistant Chief and the Mayor today and everything is a go! He has to go in for his physical and his psychiatric evaluation next week. Oh dear. A psychiatric evaluation?? I hope they don't ask about his MOM!!! hehe!!

Oh...and their baby??? Looks like I am going to be buying lots more BLUE!!! Another BOY!! Little Mr. Liam Daniel is due in the middle of June!

Lots of love,


  1. Hooray for babies and hooray for jobs!!! Tell them June 7th is the BEST day for a birthday. I've investigated it thoroughly.