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Monday, January 18, 2010

Singing Praises to Our God!!!

Sunday night, I went out of my comfort zone and my husband and I sang a special at church. I don't consider myself to be a really good singer so it isn't something that I think I'm particularly good at. I didn't do it for that reason and I certainly didn't do it to show off. I just wanted to praise my Savior and I felt that this was a way that I could do it and testify about His saving Grace!
We sang "Amazing Grace, My Chains are gone..."
I heard it a few years ago performed, I think, by Chris Tomlin and I was just absolutely taken back and reduced to tears.
That's MY song. It is a song that I have claimed.
I've struggled for soooo many years allowing Satan to tell me that I'm not good enough and that I have just sinned too much for God to ever use me. That song speaks to me and assures me that I AM FORGIVEN!! MY CHAINS ARE GONE!

Sunday night, I was scared to death and I just didn't know if I would be able to get through the song without having a heart attack. But I knew it was something that the Lord wanted us to do. I knew without a doubt that this time I was doing this for the right reason and that I could only get through it with His help...as I said, I am NOT a great singer!

It was finally time for us to sing and there were probably about 150 people in our evening service. I looked out there and realized that there really wasn't anything to be so terrified about. I saw all those loving faces of our friends and I knew that God just wanted me to testify for Him. So we did it. I am so happy that I obeyed His voice and went out on a limb for Him.
We had so many people tell us that we really touched them and some were crying. (I am questioning now if they cried because we were really THAT bad???) haha...maybe! I think that they could tell that it was a true testimony from our hearts. It was even a blessing to me to be allowed to do that.

They weren't crying because we were so tremendous. My husband really does have a nice voice but they were crying because of JESUS! Jesus and His amazing Grace. I'm so glad that He used us in this way.
I don't know if we (that is ...I) will ever do this again. I am not even in the choir. Roger is in the choir and the men's group.
But I am so happy to have been used of God in this simple way this week.

I'd like to encourage you to allow God to use you in a different way sometimes. I've never considered singing before but God allowed me to do it. Maybe it is just to give a testimony in church or to write a letter to someone or take a meal to someone. OR MAYBE IT IS TO GO OUT OF YOUR COMFORT LEVEL AND SPEAK TO SOMEONE AT CHURCH THAT YOU NORMALLY DON'T TALK TO! (God has also talked to me about THAT! During our "handshake and greeting time", I talk to mainly our friends! I have started trying to get brave and talk to and be welcoming to people I don't know! Scary, huh? But God has laid it on my heart to live for Him on purpose! That is one way that I can do things for Him!)

So I'm going to stop preaching now and go to bed. My hubby is already in bed and I'm sure he thinks I got lost somewhere in the house. Just don't forget that God can use us even in ways we never considered that we could be used. We don't have to wait until we are "perfect" to be used. God not only uses broken vessels, HE USES CRACKED POTS!!! hehehe!! (That's ME!!)


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  2. Awww Beth, what an inspiration you are! I could never and I do mean never get up in front of the church and sing. Part of that is because I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket (I am the only person in the entire history of Chautauqua Central School to be kicked out of the junior choir) but mostly because I am terrified to get up in front of people. I really admire you. a lot.

    And I pray that the Lord never asks me to do the same thing;)

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing that! That was so neat that you allowed God to use you that way. His glory obviously was shining through you :)

  4. You are amazing!! God working thru you is great.

  5. I am so PROUD of you!!! Funnily enough (is that a word?) I could actually hear the two of you singing together while I read your blog. I'm sure I imagined your voices all wrong, the blend in my head was lovely and mellow.

  6. Missy...hehehe!!!! Go ahead and imagine all you want as long as it was lovely!! Thanks for the encouragement!!!

    Thanks to you all for your sweet comments!