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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Waiting for Baby and Haircut!

Jennie's homemade baby afghan and Rebecca's "burp"
cloths for the newest arrival! DUE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are all anxiously awaiting news from the hospital regarding the birth of baby Brody. Holly was admitted last night and she is being induced this morning. I assume that she has already had that medication as I have not yet heard. I can't reach my son by cellphone so I don't know yet what is going on. I have been assured that they WILL call me as soon as there is any news. It doesn't make it any easier on Grammy, though! I am planning to go to the hospital as soon as labor really starts in full.

Jennie (16) finished her pretty baby afghan for Brody yesterday. I am so proud of her! This is her first blanket. She just watched a video online and started crocheting! I can't do that!

Becca (12) made some burp cloths for Brody out of soft flannel. They are very cute.
WE ARE ALL VERY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On another note, I got my hair cut yesterday! It was getting very long and while I do love long hair (My girls all have long auburn hair) I just couldn't do anything with it. So yesterday, I got it "styled". That is not something I am used to doing. I usually cut it myself...which might tell you why I couldn't do anything with it! It's not terribly short, but shorter than I am used to. It's about shoulder length and layered. Roger likes it! He isn't used to me having shorter hair but likes it. He keeps teasing me about being a "movie star" and I told my daughter that I couldn't empty the trash can because someone with hair this cute just couldn't empty the trash!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! That didn't go over very well. HER hair is gorgeous!!

Now I just need to buy a hairdryer and learn to do what the "stylist" did yesterday! Oh dear.
Well, I have LOTS of work to do before I can go to the hospital and Lord willing, welcome baby Brody. I have to get the girls started on their schoolwork so they can come as well. (We're having quite a snow storm here in central Indiana so I don't really want to leave them here alone...I'm not sure what is better...leave them home alone or take them out in this!!)


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  1. Oooh, a movie-star haircut! We need pictures. :-)

    Hurry up, Brody!