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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hicktown Indiana!!

We spent much of our day today driving...and baby holding!
Baby holding was definitely the better part of the day but the driving part was kinda fun, too...except for the "getting stuck sideways in the road with the back tires in the ditch" part.
We prayed...a LOT. The Lord answered. I wonder how many times He rolls his eyes at my ability to "get stuck in a ditch" and call upon His Name?
Anyway, we started out to go see Baby Brody. I dropped Jennie off to hold him and to help Holly with whatever she needed help with. I'm not sure how much helping actually got done but it was good for both Jennie and Holly and I'm sure that Brody baby didn't mind being held..a lot.
We spent quite a while there and then Becca and I headed out for "parts unknown."
I had it in my mind to find an acre of ground that is for sale a million miles from here. Ok, I guess it isn't REALLY a million miles from here, but it seemed like it was when we couldn't find it! Just in case you ever drive in the country in central Indiana, sometimes the country roads stop and start in random places. Sometimes you have to drive around Farmer John's fields a few miles before it picks up again. Lesson learned.
This plot of ground is pretty close to what I would love to have. It already has a well and septic and a barn...somewhat dilapidated, but usable, AND it has a hen house in the barn!! WOOHOO! I'm sure some Buff Orpingtons, a goat or two, and a miniature horse would LOVE to join our family there! A modest little farm house with a basement is ideal for our family and we can have it built within our budget. (

***My husband has been reading this over my shoulder..."BUFF WHAT???" he asked.
"BUFF ORPINGTONS" I said. "They're chickens."
"Oh...I thought they were some REALLY strong orphans ...or something."

It is, however, a gazillion miles away. (it was originally a million miles away but since I've gotten home, it now seems to be a gazillion miles away.)
I do really like it though, and the price is incredible...$11,500 for an acre, barn, well and septic.
Maybe a gazillion miles isn't THAT far away......

Looking east! "Town" is in the center of the picture. There's a cute little IGA grocery store there.
This is looking west. (My van...I think those farm buildings don't go with the land...at least I hope they don't. I don't know what we would do with them...live in them?? )

Wouldn't a little farmhouse look adorable here?????? (And some chickens....and a goat...and a miniature horse...and me....)
Old barn but it isn't THAT bad. Needs a new roof. And chickens to live inside. Hehe...it wouldn't be Hoosier Basketball Country without a basketball hoop on the BARN!!! Gotta LOVE it!!!!

To the west...nothing but fields....and trees....Isn't this lovely? Imagine what summer days would be like? And sunsets???? And springtime with the tractors in the fields? And fall with the scent of corn...even the corn dust which I actually love...in the air?? Oh yeah........


  1. The land looks exciting! Your trip there reminds me of our trip to ND years ago. The directions were to go so many miles and turn at a fence post and go a ways then back onto a road. We finally got there and the looks of the land reminds me of yours.
    Beth, you asked about the cabbage planting. We had never done it before and it was late in the summer when my husband bought the plants and got them in the ground. We were shocked that they did so good but they did not have enough time to make big heads. These were the cutest little balls of cabbage. One was enough to steam for a meal for us and we made slaw a couple of times out of one. The ground was just plowed and some compost that we had added to it. We had lots of rain after it was planted and we were just lucky. Good luck to you if you try.
    Love ya!

  2. Really strong orphans hahaha *snort* ahem.

    and you know something? that land looks very very much like the land around here... in upstate NY. We are very flat here like that too:)

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! I loved the strong orphans comment! :-D

    You've got me dreaming on your behalf, now!